An Overview : W Dubai the Palm with Kids

You think W Hotel and you think Ladies day – Wet Deck. Ladies Nights – SoBe. Date Night – Akira Back.

You have probably wondered if kids are welcome there?

We have spent many days in the W with the little ones, cheers to our Privilee membership. And whilst the W and the brand itself is not focused on kids, but on fashion and design instead (Source : Wiki) – they do try their best to accommodate to families like ourselves.

Here are a few pointers on spending the day at the W with the little ones which will helpfully come into handy for you should you decide to do a day pass, or otherwise stay there :


You have probably seen those beautiful light-blue pools when you were having a drink or two at SoBe with the girls for ladies nights. They look beautiful from the top down, right?

Take note of the following :

  1. Each section of pool have steps of varying depth, going from around 0.25m to 1.1m. It’s perfect the family if you have littles (1 year olds) – as they can stay in the shallow section and the older toddlers can swim in the deeper end.
  2. There are a few little blocks that are only 0.25m deep – great for the babies, under 2 year olds who just want to pit potter around.
  3. There is minimal shade around the main pool area – so go in when the sun has almost set if you prefer – 5:30pm to 7pm is perfect.
  4. There is a small kids pool that is gated and has shade – however is separate to the main pool and is very shallow.
  5. There are tons of steps around the whole pool area so keep an eye out of your kids who are walking around – they could easily fall.
  6. If you have OCD kids that don’t like to stand on soil and grass after they get out of the wet pool, they’re not gonna like the W. Bad design IMHO, they really should just remove all the real stuff and replace it with astroturf or just something else. It gets all over the water as well. 2023 Update : They have replaced the real deal with astroturf, ha ha.
  7. Closest bathroom is by Wet Deck, and there are steps all over the place if you’re at the other end, so not very buggy-friendly. Also about 20 steps downstairs so if you need to carry a baby or toddlers, that’s going to be a mission as well.
    • Tip 1 : The kid’s club has a toilet so use that for getting them changed or if the kids want to use the bathroom mid-swim. They do shut at 7pm so if you need to change after that you’ll have to use that bathroom
  8. WET Deck is W Hotel’s Adults-Only Pool .

Avoid coming on the following days* if you don’t wish to be amongst crowds of party people and loud thumping music:

  • Sunday – Pool Party at Wet Deck

*Please double check on Wet Deck’s website on their ongoing events.

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For the current day pass rate for W Dubai the Palm, have a look at the Pool & Beach Day Pass Listing

On the other hand, if you have big kids and you would like to have a fun day out – come on those days ha ha – you can drop the kids (4 and above) in their…

Kid’s Club

We have spent many afternoons here in their Kid’s Club. The attendants have changed over the years – say hi to Mario if you go. (2023 Update : New attendants now…)

  1. Drop off age is 4, kids under 4 allowed in the Kid’s Club with guardians. (Click here for drop off ages of other hotels in Dubai)
  2. There is a schedule of sorts, but over the many times we have been there it’s pretty casual – freeplay – colouring, playing with the toys, playstation, etc.
  3. It’s a nice room, which you can access from within the building (a big plus during the summer months) or otherwise from the outside (next to the pool)
  4. You can do a playdate with a non-Privilee member as well which is great – 50aed a day. Pretty good, right?

Restaurants & Bars

  1. If you’re there with kids, and you want to have a quick bite by the pool, you can order from Wet Deck. This is the same menu the Day Pass is redeemable in F&B on.
  2. Otherwise, pop into Liv – their all-day dining. It’s in the Entertainer and dinner buffet is 195 AED for 2 adults, kids under 6 eat free. In the winter months, they also do a pretty cool Family Brunch on Sundays!
  3. Torno Subito for fine Italian – Here’s our review of Torno.
  4. Akira Back for Japanese – save it for a date. They do a crazy party brunch called Candypant’s Brunch Refined on Saturday’s. For a more relaxed brunch, try out Social Sunday.
  5. SoBe is absolutely beautiful for sundowners.

Overall Thoughts

So – if you are considering spending a day here for Pool & Beach, a night, or a week – hope this was useful.

I’ll reiterate that the resort’s focus is not on the kids BUT, they have definitely made sure that families are comfortable here. And it’s a pretty cool hotel to go to if you wanna have some fun, and be comfortable enough to know that the kids are well taken off in their Kid’s Club 😉

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Disclaimer : Non-sponsored post. We accessed W Hotel the Palm using our Privilee membership, which we have paid for.

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