Dubai Resort Pools and Kids Clubs : Fast and Cool to Get to

A fellow mum got in touch recently to ask if there were places ‘with water or playgrounds, and lots of shade’, so she could join the kids over the summer months. Thought it might be better to quickly put this piece together as a lot of parents might be looking for the same thing.

I mean - not many people enjoy pushing a buggy with half the world on it through the humidity and 45 degree heat, just to be completely exhausted by the time you get to pool, right? :)

So here you go, here are some resorts or beach clubs with pools that have :

  1. Minimal trek under the sun, from the building, to the pool.
  2. Pools with lots of shade
  3. Playgrounds, with lots of shade
  4. Minimal trek under the sun, from the building, to the kids club.

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Minimal trek under the sun, to the pool – that has shade

The following resorts have their pools located fairly close to their main building, so depending on the time of the year, it gets shade in the mornings and part of the afternoon, when the sun is behind the building itself. The trick here is just to go there early in the morning, so you get more time in the shade before the sun comes up on top.

Most larger beachside resorts have their main pools set further away from the building to maximise sun time. For all of these – you can still go enjoy pool time in the shade – just before sunset.

Doubletree by Hilton, Jumeirah Beach Residence

  • There is a big astroturfed area right outside the building, which remains under the shade for most of the morning.
  • Doubletree’s main pool gets shade from the building in the mornings, and part of the afternoons when the sun moves behind the Address Beach Resort.
  • Shallow shaded toddler pool, right next to the main pool.
  • No Playground or Kid’s Club

Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Residence

  • Sheraton’s main pool gets shade from the building in the mornings, and part of the afternoons when the sun moves behind the Address Beach Resort.
  • Shallow shaded toddler pool, right next to main pool.
  • Playground with swings and slides that remains in the shade most mornings (and early afternoons, in the winter)
  • Small Kid’s Club located behind the Playground (not accessible from within the building)

Tip : If you are going for a day pass – the check-in counter is located by the gym, and it’s quite a trek under the sun to get to the pool. Tell them that you will check in here, but if it’s possible that you go to the pool via the shortest route outdoors possible – this is via Palm Garden (their restaurant).

Hilton Jumeirah Beach Residence

Opening hours : 7am to 8pm

  • Hilton’s main pool gets shade from the building in the early morning.
  • The playground is located on the beach, and although it is shaded, you do have to walk under the sun between the pool to the beach to get there.
  • No Kid’s Club

Le Meridien Mina Seyahi

  • Le Meridien’s main pool is located fairly close to the main building, and is shaded in the early mornings.
  • Shallow shaded toddler pool, right next to the main pool.
  • The grass area also gets shade from the building itself in the mornings which is quite nice for toddlers to run around in – this is the area in front of Bounty Beets, Latitude 25 and Latest Recipe.
  • They do have a playground and Kid’s Club, with an extra fee on top of the Day Pass Rate.

Centara Mirage Beach Resort

  • Centara’s main pool is a very short trek from the main building. It is half shaded from 3pm onwards (slightly changes throughout the year)
  • Shaded kid’s pool and splash pad.
  • Slides, also located close to main building, that will be in the shade from mid-afternoon onwards.
  • Kid’s Club is located next to the main pool.
  • Shaded small playground next to kid’s pool.

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Minimal trek under the sun, to the Kid’s Club

Now if you are planning on spending the first part of the day in the Kid’s Club – the following resorts have their Kid’s Club either attached to the building or close enough.

W Dubai the Palm

The W Hotel Kid’s Clubs is accessible via a short cut through Liv (their restaurant) on the ground floor, or via a longer route within the building. Ask them. You can spend the afternoon there with the kids, and then head out to the pool in the late evenings when the sun is almost gone, as their main pools are in the sun for most of the day.

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Address Dubai Marina

Qix Club is located on the 14th floor of the hotel. Best place for toddlers! Their kids pool is also shaded, but you do have to walk through a short trek in the sun to get there. The rest of the pool gets a lot of sun.

Address Beach Resort

Qix Club is located right opposite their restaurant called ‘The Restaurant’. You step out of the building and walk a few steps, turn right and you’re in – minimal trek in the sun. Lovely kid’s club for toddlers. They also have a shaded splash pad. Their family pool however has no shade and is a trek under the sun, down some steps from the Kid’s Club. If you have the buggy, it’s a longer trek under the sun.

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Hope this helped 🙂

Have a browse through the Pool and Beach Day Pass rates page for details on Adult and Kids rates. Enjoy!!!!!

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