Tokyo Vogue : Ladies Night @ Koyo Dubai

There are some experiences that are better explained through images and video – and Koyo is one of them. Having done the Kabuki brunch with friends many weeks beforehand, I was pretty excited to take mum back there for ladies night.

We got dressed up on a Wednesday night, jumped into a taxi and got to the Intercontinental Dubai Marina slightly after 7pm. It was pretty much empty then, and understandably so as we found out soon after that the shows starts around 8:45pm. Not a problem – that gives us time to snap away (and there are many spots for photos in Koyo), and chat over dinner.

Food & Drinks

Their Ladies Night menu comprises 3 course and 3 drinks – priced at 250 AED. This is not actually just “3 items” but a whole lot of food, much like a simpler version of their brunch.

They take out all 5 items from the ‘for the table and bites’ section to share – edamame, miso soup each, cucumber maki, shrimp tempura and duck bao. Be careful with the chili edamame as this is proper spicy. You get to choose a main for yourself. Mum went for the seabream robata and I, the tenderloin robata (of course). The tenderloin was bit tougher than I had anticipated for a medium ; the seabream was delicious. There are sides to share – fried rice, broccolini and soba noodles. So much food.

There was of course desserts – and we went for the japanese cheesecake and chocolate cake with icecream – both divine.

For drinks, we stayed with cocktails – though it wasn’t as potent as when we had it for brunch. Good thing though – it was afterall, a school night 😉

The Entertainment

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The highlight was of course – the entertainment. Thinking that it will be the same as the brunch – I was much surprised to find different acts, different songs – and just as amazing. You will be left with your jaws hanging. I was 😉

When we were there – the entertainment started around 8:45pm – and came back on every 20 minutes or so.

Overall Thoughts

Tokyo Vogue Ladies Night is one to do – if you like your japanese fare, and enjoy being mesmerized by amazing dancers. It is also a more cost-effective option if you have always wanted to check out Koyo, but didn’t want to splurge for Kabuki brunch. 250 AED is reasonable – let’s say 150 AED for food and drinks (similar to most ladies nights in the marina), and 100 AED for the show, which is an absolute bargain.

For videos – have a look at the instagram post below.

  • Tokyo Vogue @ Koyo
  • Intercontinental Dubai Marina
  • Koyo’s Website
  • Every Wednesday 8:00-11:00pm

Disclaimer :

  1. We were guests of Koyo to review their ladies night.
  2. This review was done in May 2022. Please check with the venue for all current details.

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