A multi-sensory dining experience : Kabuki Brunch @ Koyo Dubai

What a brunch it was – Kabuki at Koyo. Performances, atmosphere, the food, the drinks. The buzz. They had it all.

Here’s what to expect, if you are planning to do the Kabuki Brunch.

Koyo? Where?

Koyo is located in the Intercontinental Dubai Marina occupying the ‘marina promenade’ level over two floors.

Enter from the ground floor and take the lift down from the hotel. From there you get into the hotel’s basement carpark before walking through this red hallway (much like Akira Back’s) into …… an afternoon to remember 😉

How is the place like?

It’s all red. Red red red red red. So try not to wear a red dress as your other half or friends won’t be able to find you.

Let’s talk about the brunch.

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What sort of food does Koyo serve?

As with most modern asian restaurants in Dubai – Koyo describes itself as an oriental-inspired restaurant and bar. I would say it’s mainly Japanese cuisine.

For the brunch, all food and drinks are served to table, so you basically stay put – until you need to leave the table for other important matters like a) dancing, b) taking silly photos in their “tattoo parlour” or c) to answer the call of nature.

Starters are a selection of maki rolls, beef yakitori, shrimp gyoza and radish salad. There’s vegan sushi for those who are wondering, and of course – spicy tuna, and california rolls. There’s also nigiri sushi, and sashimi (not shown in the brunch menu) – which we ended up ordering more later on 😉 And yes – there is edamame (chilli, or salt – you get both!), which you can nibble on all afternoon.

Loved every bit of it.

Click to see Kabuki brunch food menu here.

For mains – you get to choose one of 8 items. Get the black cod with miso. I’m sure all other items are equally delicious (I mean c’mon, there’s udon prawns, sea bream robata, corn fed chicken tare amongst others) but trust me – get the black cod.

Click to view in full screen.

How were the drinks?

It’s a party brunch so the drinks better be good, right?

We were all doing the house package, which meant it includes everything except sparkling. That’s okay.

The cocktails were brutal. Well it started out ‘fine’, but we thought it was a bit light and commented to our waitress, the lovely lovely Analyn. I am sure the next few drinks were made to shut us up. And it did 😉 It was wonderful……

Click to see Kabuki brunch drinks menu here.

What’s this about performances? Shows?

That’s the main thing about Koyo – these shows.

Kabuki, as per Wikipedia is a classical form of Japanese dance-drama. Koyo has taken this concept and recreated it in their own style.

Curating a new-age of social experiences, KOYO revolutionises multi-sensory dining and culinary entertainment.


The last time we sat through a dinner show was in Cavalli Club. Wait a minute, there was also Pacha Ibiza, which no longer exists.

If you want a different dining experience, I highly recommend it. It’s fun, exciting, impressive. They come out every half an hour or so, and is short – but entertaining. Then the music comes back on, and you carry on chatting and eating away.

The big question. Can you dance?

Yes. This is a party brunch. As of writing this review in March 2022 – dancing is officially allowed in Dubai. By the end of the brunch everyone was on their feet dancing away.

Just unfortunate that they had to chase everyone out when they turned the lights on though.. understandably so, as they have Kabuki Brunch – evening edition starting at 8pm 😉

Overall Thoughts.

Do Kabuki Brunch together with friends.

It’s a proper party brunch, and definitely one to do if you want a fun multi-sensory dining experience. The music is very loud – so it’s definitely not a ‘first date’ venue, or one you go to to have a heart-to-heart talk about life. It’s one to do for an amazing and fun afternoon or night out – worth booking the nanny for.

PS – Thanks Analyn, for attending to us 😉

  • Kabuki Brunch @ Koyo
  • Intercontinental Dubai Marina
  • Koyo’s Website
  • Every Saturday 1:00-4:00pm (also 8:00-12:00am)

Disclaimer :

  1. We were guests of Koyo to review the Kabuki brunch.
  2. This review was done in March 2022. Please check with the venue for all current details.

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