The local live music scene in Dubai – One venue at a time.

What do you look for when you go out here in Dubai? Good food, good atmosphere, good deals – they come into the picture, don’t they? What about live music? Does that matter to you?

For the last few months, our social lives have been planned around the live music scene. When we do get the opportunity to get out without the little people – a date, an evening out with our friends, or even when we look for a brunch – music is always key factor.

Here’s a snapshot, a glimpse of the various spots we have been in Dubai lately.

Cove Beach Unplugged was having its very last gig at the end of July. Not wanting to miss it, we rounded our friends and went over one summer evening. It was humid as – thank goodness for portable air-conditioners. Full-blast in front of us, we sat on the white sofas, as Khalil and Gari did their thing. Well, mostly Gari on vocals to be fair. I’m not complaining, I really am not.

Gari serenaded us with,” I remember when, I remember when I lost my mind….”, moving onto Khalil ,”So I wake up in the morning and I step outside….” And there’s always that one guest who takes over the microphone on a good song, and for a split second we thought hang on, why does she sound better than both of them? 😉 You can keep singing.

Then there was Jazz Night at CMP Bar & Grill. A bit of a different scene – the kind you sit down on brown leather-clad couches on a date night to have some good steak, and wine. It was Jin Flora on vocals and Adam on the saxophone. Lot of beautiful jazz classics that evening, songs we all know and love…..”Can’t take my eyes of you…”, to “Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone……” It’s such a romantic spot, Wednesdays at CMP.

What about ladies nights? Having found out that Khalil was playing Social Company on Tuesdays, we went over with a group of friends. The venue is slightly more casual. It was just Khalil this time – with his guitar, loop station, keyboard and possibly 101 other musical-related things that I don’t know and will not pretend to understand. The vibe at Social is of a nice, chilled one. He showed us how “Lights will guide… you home,” and reminded us “I’m wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn.” It felt like that song list was curated to suit the audience and venue. Do you guys do that, fellow musicians?

From one venue to the other, we popped to Jazz by Pizza Express in JLT on a Wednesday for yet another ladies night. Sean and his sexy voice, serenading us with “I did it, I did it my ….way.” Word of advice – don’t sit too close to the stage if you are there, the sound at Pizza Express isn’t the best. Pick a spot a little further, to the centre, maybe? I’ll just go back next time and try and find the best spot and let you know.  

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So many other venues – I could go on. Good ol’ McGettigans JLT on a Monday night, the one in the Madinat, UBK, Oeno…..Graze. I will stop rambling 😉

What about you? Do you plan your social life around the live music scene in Dubai as well? Where have you been to lately? Where should I go and check out?

Note :

  1. This is a round-up of the various venues we have been from July to September 2021.
  2. Please check the official venue social media pages to check who is currently playing, and when.
  3. Have a browse through Live Music in Dubai with Bar Deals listing, for some inspo.

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