Dinner in the Sky – Worth the hype?

How would you like to have a 3-course meal, perched 50 metres in the air – on a structure that is being hung off a crane? Here’s Dinner in the Sky – located right by Sky Dive Dubai. A Dubai ‘bucket list’ item for sure – particularly as it does come with a price tag. Is it worth it though? Or is just all hype? Read on.

The set-up

I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t a little underwhelmed as we drove up to the ‘pop-up’ which is Dinner in the Sky. It’s a makeshift structure, which felt like the many site offices (I have worked in), or most would relate to as those temporary air-conditioned tents by food festivals and concerts alike. You are given a waiver to read and sign – the standard disclaimer that strips all responsibility from the company should something happen (don’t be surprised, it’s the same everywhere…). Just don’t panic and jump off halfway through, okay? ๐Ÿ™‚

The outside area

We went outside to have a peek. Other guests were walking around, taking photos. There’s the Dubai standard – the cheesy wing photo op that we all love. The images on the hoarding have long faded from the sun, reminding me that this installation has been in Dubai for quite a few years now. As the anticipation builds, I start to sweat. From the September humidity and partly because I was actually, quite nervous. Oh, and super excited.

And it begins.

6:30pm – the staff starts rounding everyone up. Health and Safety briefing begins. Our names are called and we get strapped in. We were 2 short of 22, which is the maximum number of ‘guests’ the structure can take. I was pleased to see that the table was solid, and the chairs were comfy. Kind of like the chairs on a rollercoaster you can say.

There’s a bit of hoo ha as the we take off, making it all that much exciting. My heart beats – this is actually , pretty cool.

At the top.

Phones out, everyone is snapping away. We watch our legs dangle beneath us, as the beanbags on the ground gets smaller and smaller. The sun has set and the sky is orange – it’s beautiful. We see Ain Dubai from afar, and the sparkling lights of JBR. Very close by, the blue lights from the pools at Zero Gravity, and then there’s the grounds of Habtoor Grand.

The staff reassures us that the structure will rotate 360 degrees so we will be able to see ‘everything’. That’s good to know. Oh, and that the chair can rotate as well. To both sides, and recline if you wish to ….. chill.

I have forgotten how beautiful the Marina and Palm skyline is.

The food.

The 3-course meal – you would have pre-ordered when you made the booking.

Here’s what you get.

Food is alright. But y’know – it’s more about the overall experience. And they made sure that it looks good, and is fun. The Chocolate Fudge Cake was the highlight – with the ice cream made live with a lot of nitogen – quite entertaining really. Then it gets covered in a chocolate dome, hot fudge is poured onto it and it collapses in the middle. All a bit of spectacle but hey – entertaining. And yummy.

Do you get drinks?

Not alcohol. There’s a reason you shouldn’t be intoxicated when you are sitting on a structure perched 50metres in the air. Sparkling and still ater, soft drinks, and juices, yes.

Overall thoughts.

Dinner in the Sky is a pretty exhilarating experience.

Prices start from 599 AED to 799 AED, though you can get slight discounted ones from one-day deal websites. You are up in the air for about 60 minutes total, and it goes by really really quick. You are paying for the thrill, for the unique dining experience – so set your expectations that way, and enjoy it. Is it worth 599 AED? It’s a tough one to judge because there is no ‘similar experience’, is there? Afternoon tea at Atmosphere Lounge’s in the Burj Khalifa would be similar priced. But your legs aren’t hanging in the air and the wind isn’t blowing through your hair, so it’s not an easy one to compare. One thing I would mention is – it would be good if the team could fix up the entry shed and the waiting area around it – as that entire area doesn’t look and feel like you’re heading into a world-class attraction. It is all forgotten once you take off though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why don’t you go, and you tell me – is it worth it?

Disclaimer : We were guests of Dinner in the Sky to review the experience.

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