Bytes Family Brunch @ Grand Plaza Movenpick Hotel Media City Dubai

Family brunches – that’s what we depend on to get by in the weekends when we have kids, isn’t it. Happy to see the one at Bytes was back on, we drove over one Friday to review the brunch with the family -the kids excited for a lot of sweets and bouncy castle time.

So, how was the brunch this time? What do you get? Here’s a rundown.

If you still haven’t been to this hotel, here is where it is. Let’s trust Googlemaps.

Can we valet?

Not too sure why not but we had to self-park in the basement on Friday. Not a biggie. Note that you can park right out front, if you want to – just get there early.

Let’s talk about the brunch.

Bytes is on their 4th floor. There are two indoor areas within the restaurant – we were placed in the first room (where the cotton candy and gin bar is) – the important stuff. I thought it was a good spot as there was space in that area for our kids and our friend’s son to walk around in. Well, they were basically going back and forth from the desserts section (cotton candy, to be exact) for most of the afternoon to be fair. Whatever works, y’know.

If you come in a large group, chances are they will put you in the next room (as shown above). That’s fine – the main food is there, and you can easily get outside to the terrace where more live cooking stations are. We are talking fresh prawns, beef and lamb steaks, chicken skewers, so much good food. Oh, and did you know Bytes serve pork in their brunch as well?

What other food do they have?

There’s the standard salad section (which I wouldn’t be able to tell you much of, sorry), and…… sushi! That was the first thing my husband filled his plate with. There’s pizzas, live pasta cooking station, a giant wok filled with seafood paella you would like to bury your face in (sorry, wrong expression?). They even have a brunch eggs corner which I thought was a little odd but hey – some people would want to have some eggs benedict and omelettes in the afternoon with their gin and tonic, right?

And drinks?

I love their drink stations. It’s so…… pretty. I mean c’mon, look at this. I was quite happy their espresso martinis are still there. And yes, there is sparkling, all throughout if you wish…..

What’s my kid gonna do?

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Don’t worry, they do have a play area. Just take note though it is on an entire different floor. So if you are looking specifically for a brunch where your child can play and you can see them, this is not the one for you. I would suggest you go with another family, so the kids can play during the brunch in the restaurant, and then after that they can be dropped off in the play area (if they are older). Otherwise, dads can go babysit while mums keep on chatting and drinking.


They do have live music, with DJ Kat and Alexandra Dominik on vocals. It was a fun vibe, you get the likes of Sweet Caroline..No women No Cry. Someone’s grandma was loving it so much, she was dancing in front of them, haha…… so if you have family over, definitely bring them ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall thoughts

Family brunch at Bytes is a good one to go to, if you like your live stations, espresso martinis and gin and tonics. It’s one I will happily bring my parents to.

Go with another family as you can possibly sit there from 12:30pm until they chase you away. Our kids were in the play area until 6pm. So that’s an afternoon, well spent ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Bytes Family Brunch
  • Bytes, Grand Plaza Movenpick Hotel
  • Time: 12:30pm โ€“ 4:00pm
  • Price:
    • 249 AED per person (soft beverages)
    • 349 AED per person (house beverages)
    • Teenagers from 13 & above dine at AED 249
    • Children from 6 to 12 yrs dine at AED 89
    • Infants up to 5 yrs dine for free
  • Deal : 241 in the Entertainer for soft beverages package, add on 150 AED to top up to house beverages package

Disclaimer : We were guests of Grand Plaza Movenpick Hotel to review the Bytes family brunch.

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