Ladies Night @ The Restaurant, Bla Bla Dubai

I had completely forgotten about the infamous JBR traffic. As I sat in the taxi on the bridge, the Address Beach Resort towering above – I was thinking to myself – Ladies Night at Bla Bla better be good. Patience running thin, I asked to jump off at the traffic light, and made the rest of the trip by foot. Just to add – heels on JBR cobblestones don’t go. Note to self : Bring some flats next time.

So, how did the night go? Thoughts below.

Let’s backtrack to reservations.

Definitely make a booking if you’re going. It was full house when we went on a October evening.

Currently they take groups up to 10, though you have to pay an advance deposit – which I did. No issues though, this gets deducted from the overall bill on the night. And the team was good to call the night before to make sure we were coming 😉 Good job, guys.

The restaurant.

I don’t know when they changed the name and who the mastermind was behind the new name. Wasn’t it Onda Nami, few months ago, when we went there for breakfast? Do you know how many ‘The Restaurants’ there are in Dubai? Do you know how inconvenient it is to call a restaurant, ‘The Restaurant’, when it comes to Google searches? Sorry, I’ll stop ranting… 🙂

Look at it. Beautiful, isn’t it. The fairy lights on the tree. So dreamy, so christmassy. Sooooo Dubai.

Let’s talk about the ladies night menu.

It’s a 2 course menu with 3 drinks for 150 AED, and I think you can do the fancier one for 200 AED.

I went for the Salmon Tacos and Cod for mains. The tacos come out minuscule (sorry guys), appetising…yes, tasty… yes, just tiny. I was just thinking, let’s hope the mains was better. And so the cod came. The sauce was overpowering – I thought it was too salty, some at the table thought it was too sweet. Struggled to finish it, but I was hungry and the wine helped. Two dishes down, still hungry. I was contemplating ordering something else from the Ala Carte menu but thought okay, trying to lose some weight here and that’s not gonna help. Maybe the drinks and company will take my head away from my tummy.

To mention, a few of our troupe of 9 went Ala Carte and loved their dishes. A few went for their fettucine alfredo (70 AED), and Bla Bla sliders (70 AED). Maybe next time I’ll come back to try the other dishes on the Ladies Night menu, or just do Ala Carte? To mention, soft drinks is 20 AED, and a 330mL water is 15 AED. A mojito (virgin Colada) is 40 AED. So you get an idea of what the prices are before you go 😉

Have a browse through Bla Bla’s menus here.

The ambience.

I have talked about this, haven’t I? There is music – DJ Tom Higham on stage, pink lights illuminating the scene, Ain Dubai in the backdrop. I can see there will be more music here throughout the winter months – it’s quite a stunning spot. And….. if you want more, pop over to…

The Tent.

The team is super strict in here, reminding us numerous times to sit down at our tables. I can understand, with the current rules being that we are still officially not allowed to dance in bars, restaurants and clubs alike.

There is a band on stage – About last night. I wish we could sit closer, so I could see them properly. It was a short night for me so I’ll definitely come back next time. They play 9:30pm onwards on Tuesdays (and other days as well, just check their socials for the gig schedule)

PS – A glass of wine here is 50 AED.

Overall thoughts

Go to Bla Bla for ladies night, if you live across the road in JBR, OR if you don’t mind getting stuck in traffic on the way there. Have a bite before you go if you are a big eater (like me), or just don’t order what I did 😉 It’s still a beautiful restaurant, and it’s great that you can pop into The Tent for more music later on the night. A good party spot for the JBR locals – we definitely had a fabulous evening out 🙂

  • Ladies Night at Bla Bla Dubai
  • Every Tuesday 6:00-10:00pm
  • Offer : 150 AED for 2 courses and 3 drinks
  • Website
For this and other Ladies nights, have a look at the Ladies Nights in and around the Marina Listing. 

Note :

  1. Non-sponsored. We all paid for ourselves at The Restaurant, and then at The Tent in Bla Bla Dubai.
  2. If you are in any of the photos above, and you would like me to remove them, let me know.

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