Friday Brunch @ Graze Gastro Bar & Grill, La Ville Hotel & Suites

2022 Update : Graze's brunch is currently on Saturday's. 

Tucked in City Walk sits a boutique hotel called La Ville Hotel & Suites. On the Ground Floor, you will find a fine dining joint by the name of Graze Gastro Bar and Grill. They serve Aussie steaks – second best to kiwi steaks (inserts wink emoticon)…….. but I will be professional and nice in this review because to be fair – their steaks served during Friday Brunch was actually pretty decent. Let’s get on with the details.

Never been to La Ville?

Don’t worry about trying to find parking in the City Walk basement parking if you are heading there for brunch. Google will take you directly to La Ville and you can valet.

Did you say they serve steaks?

Yes, and that, is the main deal.

Here’s the Friday brunch menu.

Click on the photo to view them in full-size individually

Brunch is served family-style ie to the table. Starters are primarily seafood – you get the chilled platter of prawns, octopus ceviche, mussels, and of course – oysters. The salmon carpaccio was my favourite – sliced thinly and served with truffle ponzo and jalapeno. The kids loved the crispy calamari and sweetcorn chowder – must be the poached lobster in it? Ah, these dubai kids. For those who like liver (sorry, not us) – you will be happy to know they do have chicken liver parfait in the menu. Just to mention, there is one vegetarian option – the beetroot and goats cheese salad.

We were glad that their starter portions were not overdone, which means there was space for the good stuff – the meat. I went for the Sanchoko Wagyu Ribye – and this was cooked beautifully. Husband went for the Black Angus Striploin which was tasty as well, though on hindsight he should have probably went with the Ribeye as Striploins are generally tougher. With the 3 little ones with us – the team did ask if we wanted to order another steak, so they could share – which was really nice of them. Sides are the usual – fries, truffle mac and cheese, creamed spinach and grilled sweetcorn.

We finished off the afternoon with strawbery pavlova’s (yes, this is a traditional Kiwi dessert, which the Aussies still claim is theirs). The chocolate tart was a hit – I love that it wasn’t too sweet which meant we could devour the entire thing.

Let’s not forget about the drinks.

I think these guys were trying to knock us out. Really. If you are a light-weight, do not order the Rum3 – trust me. And if you like your drinks strong, you will love Graze’s Friday Brunch. The Smoked old fashioned had some serious whiskey in there. Absolutely Raspberry if you like sweet stuff. And of course, they have wines and beers – Sol, Estrella – bottles, and Heineken Draught – hooray for daddy.

What about the ambience?

A brunch with live music makes so much difference, doesn’t it? Bruno Fav plays at Graze every Friday. You get R&B and electro-soul tunes, and if that’s what you like, you’ll be happy to be at Graze, especially with all the good food and drinks.

Overall thoughts.

Come to Graze if you like your seafood, your steaks, and your cocktails, strong. Chilled-out vibes, good for get-together with friends. Though we did have the kids with us and we were put in these uber-comfortable black leather-clad couches (there are 3 of these at the corner, FYI) – I would say Graze’s Friday Brunch is probably more suited for the grown-ups. Or hey, bring them along – just ask if these couches are available first ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Friday Brunch at Graze
  • Website
  • Details : 1-5pm | 299 AED Soft Beverages, 399 AED Drinks Package
  • Graze Gastro Grill & Bar
  • La Ville Hotel & Suites Dubai

Disclaimer : We were guests of La Ville to review the Graze Friday Brunch.

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