Sushi Saturdays @ Asia Asia, Pier 7 Dubai

*2022 Update : This offer is currently called Sushi Sundays.

For a lot of us who only gets the chance to do our dates on Saturdays when the nanny is back in – here is a good one to try if you like your sushi and dim sum. Particularly for those who live in the marina, or not too far from – as we all know we need to minimize ‘time away’ from the kids in the weekends. The never-ending parental guilt.

Here’s Sushi Saturdays at Asia Asia, located in Pier 7 Dubai.

For the next week or two you will likely still choose to sit indoors at 2pm on a September afternoon. I am using this photo simply because I absolutely love the pink cherry blossom they have at their outdoor terrace. It is beautiful, isn’t it? The colour contrast between the urban jungle that is the Dubai Marina in the backdrop with the soft pink hues of the cherry blossom by Asia Asia’s terrace. Don’t be fooled, or at least don’t think I am trying to fool you – there is literally just that one potted tree there for photo ops. Love it though.

So, let’s keep this review concise.

For 330 AED, you get unlimited servings of sushi and dim sum, and a bottle of red, white or rose. If you like your numbers and would like to play with it in a different way, say 100 AED per person for unlimited sushi and dim sum, and another 130 AED for a bottle of wine to share. Bear in mind this is in a really nice asian restaurant with beautiful views of the Marina. Not a bad deal, right?

What sort of sushi do you get, you ask? Not to worry, there is salmon, tuna, sea bass, yellow tail and ebi (prawn). And of course vegetarian options too. The dim sum is served in the classic basket – there is mushroom dumpling, shrimp har gau, chili chicken dumpling, as well as beef & truffle – the latter of which was not our favourite, but that’s okay.

You do start off with miso. Very salty on the day that we went, but the team was nice enough to bring a pot of hot water for me to add it in, so no issues there.

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Can you actually sit there for 4 hours eating sushi and dim sum? Well, not for us…..we are a married couple with 3 kids at home, but if you do have a huge appetite and you don’t mind just having sushi and dim sum, you are good. Otherwise, yes the food does get repetitive in taste … so I will say 2 hours is good enough. Plus it is just one bottle of wine, that is around 2 glasses each. You can always order more drinks.

In terms of the deal itself, I would still say it’s good value for money. Good for a quick albeit nice date with the other half at a beautiful spot in the neighbourhood. You could even organise a gathering with friends, say 6 of you, 3 bottles of wine and lots of sushi for 165 AED per person.

Give it a try 🙂

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  • Saturdays Sundays 2-6pm : 330 AED for Unlimited Sushi & Dim Sum and a bottle of wine, for 2 people
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Disclaimer : We were guests of Asia Asia to review Sushi Sundays

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