Sky High Brunch @ Observatory Bar & Grill, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel

Having been to the Marriott Harbour numerous times over the years, particularly when we used to live next door – the Friday Brunch was one of many on our to-do list. Off we went one hot summer afternoon with the family to review the Sky High Brunch at the Observatory, situated on the 52nd floor. Honest be told, I always had the impression the brunch there would be an adults-only affair. The team confirmed it was focused on families, and when we turned up that afternoon to see a few other families – it was definitely a relief.

Thoughts of the brunch? What do you get?

Have you been to the Observatory?

This bar on the 52nd floor of Marriott Harbour is one of the few that have stood the test of time. Back when we used to go for drinks – there was no Infinity Tower, or Marina Gates around. It was always the go-to bar for impressive views of the Marina and Palm, and thankfully with all the construction around – it still is.

Good views, you say?

Something like that. Just try not to stare too hard into Marina Gate towers.

Let’s talk about the brunch.

As you get into Observatory, you are giving your ‘boarding pass’ by a chap wearing a captain’s hat. It’s cute. It even got the girls excited. All staff is dressed in flight attire making you feel like you’re onboard a plane. ‘Sky High Brunch’, get it?

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Sparkling wine is brought to the table to kick things off. And food is then brought to the table for the rest of the afternoon. Ah…. brunch life in Dubai is good, isn’t it? Are we all getting a little round and happy yet ? 🙂

Have a browse through the Sky High Brunch menu here.

Antipasti is a selection of pork cuts and cheese. Vegetarians will be happy to see they do have buffalo Mozarella as well as pumpkin and millet salad to start.

We moved on quickly to the hot starters, which was aplenty. For a family of 5 it was really a lot, so much that if you don’t pace yourself you won’t have space for mains. There’s sushi, dim sum, short ribs bao and seafood crudo.

Click on individual photos to browse

Highlights for us was the pork platter. Pork belly, pork schnitzel, chipolata sausage, and bbq ribs. So if you’re here for pork, you’ll definitely be happy.

From the mixed grill platter, the peri peri prawns were a bit of a letdown it being overcooked and mushy. Brunch can’t always be perfect. The lamb rump we loved, and those who likes something a little spicy would be happy to know there’s a mixed vegetable korma with rice you could have if you’ve had enough of all that amazing meat on offer.

What about the kids?

For the brunch the kids could have chicken cutlets and fries. There were other items on the kids menu but not part of the brunch, unfortunately. It would be good if it were, hint hint.

Note that there isn’t any specific kid’s entertainment, but they did bring little boxes filled with coloring paper and crayons to keep them busy for a wee while 😉 And all that food……


Husband absolutely loved the fermented orange chocolate tart – which was served with honey ginger ice cream. Desserts are sometimes overly icky and sweet, but Observatory did it well with the tart. I liked the New York Cheesecake served with mango compote. And the girls, well – just give them ice cream any day.


It’s a mixed crowd. One one side of Observatory you get high tables and large groups of adults-only, and a lot of noise. On where we were, were mainly families and many couples having a date brunch.

Overall Thoughts

Sky High Brunch is one to do, if you like generous offerings of pork for your brunch options. It’s not a party brunch, though it is a nice spot for a celebration with nice views of the marina and the palm. There are a lot of cocktail options, and the usual wine, spirits and beers. With the Entertainer, 175 AED for the non-alcoholic package is extremely well-priced. Come if you want to be well-fed, spend the afternoon with the family and friends. A good option especially if you live in this neighbourhood. And hey, you can always upgrade for drinks if you want to celebrate 😉

  • Sky High Brunch @ Observatory Bar & Grill
  • Timing : Friday’s, 12:30 – 3:30pm
  • Website
  • Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel
  • Pricing : 350 AED non-alcoholic, 499 AED alcoholic package
  • Deals : 241 with the Entertainer, applicable for non-alcoholic package only. Add on 150 AED to upgrade

Disclaimer : We were guests of Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel to review Sky High Brunch at Observatory Bar & Grill.

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