Infinity des Lumieres Dubai Mall – A magical experience with the little ones

You have probably seen lots of photos and videos of moving artwork on social media lately. “Immersive digital art experience” – it is called. We had the opportunity to check out Infinity des Lumieres in Dubai Mall with the little ones one evening, as we were curious to see what it is actually like. If you know your art, the installation features works of Van Gogh “The Starry Night”, Dreamed Japan “The images of the floating world” and Verse.

Here are our thoughts, and some FAQs that is probably going through your head.

Let’s start from the beginning – where shall I park?

Grand Parking – on P7 if you want to get there as quick as possible, as Infinity is opposite Galleries Lafayette on Level 2.

Do we have pay for kids?

Yes you do. C’mon not everything is free for kids 😉 It’s 75 AED for kids 3 to 13 years old. Free for under 3s.

And how much for adults?

125 aed per person, for mummies and daddies.

What if the kids wanted to go to the toilet?

You can leave and come back again. The closest toilet is to the right as you walk out, right by Sadek music shop (towards Cinema Parking area)

How long can you stay in there?

You can stay there for the entire day if you really really wanted to. We were there for about an hour and a half. The entire exhibition itself runs for about an hour, then it starts again.

Will the kids actually enjoy it?

Subjective question, as it all depends on your little one.

We have a 1, 3 and 5 year old and whilst one slept through most of it and woke up extremely grumpy, the other two did enjoy running around the exhibition space (though to be mentioned security did come and tell us they shouldn’t be….). Depending on your little one, I would say you would stay for at least the duration of the show – which is an hour. And if they have the patience to rewatch and play, you could stay longer

My thoughts

If you like your art, your music, and to feel completely transformed into another world – you will love Infinity des Lumieres. Pick a couch and sit there, absorb it all in. Sit by the wall and watch the world change around you. It is therapeutic, and absolutely beautiful. As for the little ones, let them run free. Let them chase the lanterns, watch the waves roll under their little feet. Watch as they are mesmerized by the giant fishes swimming around, or as they run towards the geishas appearing from the 19th century. Let their senses and imagination flow as they are immersed into music and moving images. Don’t forget to check out Verse, a sensational and hypnotic experience in a separate room. Infinity des Lumieres is an amazing experience for adults and children alike. Check it out while you can. Just don’t come with an overfull tummy, or if you have had a few too many at brunch.

On the price point, 75aed for 3 to 5 year olds is a little steep. Hoping the team would introduce discounted pricing for the younger ones at some point. What do you think?

Also – crossed my mind while I was there. Would it be cool to have a live set playing within the installation? Or, a yoga session? So many ideas… haha.

Book tickets to Infinity des Lumieres here.

Disclaimer : We were guests so Infinity Des Lumieres to review the experience with the family.

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