Jungle Bay Waterpark @ Mina Seyahi Dubai : Great for the little ones

When I found out they were going to be building a waterpark to replace the much beloved Mina Seyahi Amphitheatre – I was not very happy at all. We’ve spent a lot of time there over the years – Ripe Markets, Pik Nik and just letting the kids run around. Well well, green space never really brings in revenue, does it? 😉 Here comes Jungle Bay – the new waterpark in town. Took the girls there this morning, accessing it via our Privilee membership*.

Thoughts? Here’s my two cents.

Sorry, where is Jungle Bay Waterpark again ?

Within the grounds of the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi / Westin Mina Seyahi.

You self-park (weekends), or valet (weekdays, if they are not so busy) at Le Meridien and go from there. For the neighbourhood locals, get off at Mina Seyahi Tram station, cross the bridge and ta da, you’re in Le Meridien!

How on earth did they manage to fit a waterpark there?

Hello, you’re in Dubai. Look it’s no Aquaventure, it’s no Wild Wadi. It’s not even Laguna. BUT, it’s perfect for families. I can only speak as someone with toddlers – an almost 3 and 5 year old so if you’re on the same boat at me then you will like it.

Good for toddlers, you say? What’s the minimum height?

There is nothing wrong with your eyes. The photos below are all blur because that’s what happens when you’re trying to take photos with your phone and your hand is still covered with suncream you’ve been trying to cover your kids with.

These are the minimum heights :

  • A section of the slides – over three tiers – is suited for toddlers which are at least 91cm tall.
  • The main tower has 3 slides at the top – min 102cm, with a few smaller slides at the bottom which doesn’t have height restrictions. This tower is like the other waterparks with the giant water bucket.
  • Then it’s 122cm for the big slides in a separate tower.
  • There’s a wave pool right at the bottom which is open to all.

Why we like Jungle Bay Waterpark

  1. Quick to get to. It’s a 5 min stroll from when you get out of the car, to getting into the waterpark. With other waterparks, some require that you take a shuttle bus – that’s Atlantis and Legoland Waterpark for you, unless you bought the annual pass. With Jungle Bay Waterpark, if you live in the marina – hooray for you – you can cycle or walk over. Even if you drive, it’s easy in, easy out.
  2. Lots of slides for the younger ones. Well, to be fair we were just at one section where all slides were suited for 91cm and above. My almost 5 year was happily going up and down again and again. My almost 3 year old was tall enough to do them by herself as well….. if… she wanted to.
  3. You can go down with them. They have these very wide slides where you can pop them on your lap, or go down with them side by side.
  4. You can bring your own water in.
  5. It’s not that big. So you won’t really lose your child in there.
  6. Within the Mina Seyahi grounds – lots of good food options. So once you’re hungry, you don’t have to buy a 80 AED burger and fries and coke combo. You can pop back to the hotel and go to Bounty Beets for some healthy food. There’s Horizon by the Le Meridien pool. Or walk over to Westin – so many other choices.
  7. Accessible with Privilee (until 30th November 2022)

What could be better?

Even at 10am in the morning, the beanbags facing the slides are all lit. It’s so hot already and it’s only end of February. Going forward they will have to get some umbrellas there, otherwise there’s no shade for parents who are just ‘chilling’ while the older kids do the slides.

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Is it busy?

They just opened a few weeks ago, and it’s school holidays so it was quite busy this morning. I would suggest you get there at opening time which is 10am.

Is the water cold?* (Note : This review was written in February 2021)

Yes, it is! But so nice 😉 Most of the waterpark is under the sun by 10am so it is quite hot (the air temperature) – it’s nice that the water is cold.

How much would it cost for a day pass?

Click here to see my Pool & Beach Day pass listing – scroll down to Westin 😉

Tips –

  • Check Groupon for any available offers that included pool access
  • Privilee members have access to Jungle Bay (until November 2022). If you are not a member, get a Privilee Guest Pass from a friend that is. It’s 269 AED for a week (weekdays only), and gives you and up to 2 kids (ages 4-17) access to Jungle Bay (as well as other resorts, of course). If you have little ones ages 3 and under you can of course bring them in as well, it’s just not counted as the “2 kids” limit

Well, we better go more often now before it gets scorching hot !

  • Jungle Bay Waterpark
  • Website
  • Mina Seyahi

Note :

  1. Non-sponsored. We accessed Jungle Bay using our Privilee membership, which we have paid for.
  2. This review was written February 2021. For any changes to rules and regulations of the waterpark, please check the official website for details.

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6 thoughts on “Jungle Bay Waterpark @ Mina Seyahi Dubai : Great for the little ones

  1. Great Post! Thanks for sharing. I would love to try this place over the EID holidays, it might be to busy though..! I have a 3.5yo and 9 months so deff too hot for my little one to stay outdoors for so long

    1. Hey Maria!

      I would expect it to be quite busy over Eid too, you could check directly with the resort!

      The good thing about Westin is that the waterpark is not far from the hotel itself so you go in and out as you please (if you are staying). So when it’s too hot you can chill out in the room or kids club, then pop over to Jungle Bay at the end of the day.

      Let me know if you end up going, for a day or a staycation ❤️

      1. Thanks!

        I don’t know of a way you can prebook this as it’s not like the other waterparks in Dubai. This is part of a hotel day pass access itself which is available subjected to availability on the day so you’ll have to ring the resort then. The day pass will give you access to Jungle Bay as well as all the pool and beach areas in Westin and Le Meridien.

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