Pik-Nik Family Brunch @ The Westin Mina Seyahi

So we managed to get out of the house around 11-ish today which was an absolute miracle. Two kids strapped into a monster double pram, we got out of the building and started walking towards the Le Meridien. Weather was perfect. As we made our way towards the Pik-Nik area, we stopped by the little sports area for a bit of badminton whilst the 2-year old explored the area, picking up sticks and chasing birds. I had a peek at the set-up – it was very much similar to the last two years – food trucks, bouncy castle, benches and picnic blankets next to them. Let’s not forget the blue skies as well. It looked something like this –

 Picture perfect for a picnic afternoon

As I walked in, I asked the lady if we could join in and they told us to pick a table. Glanced around and most of it was already reserved, lucky for us there were a couple of empty ones so we took the one right at the front, which ended being possibly the best spot as it was in front of the entertainers 🙂

So, thoughts for the afternoon? What to expect, and what did we think of it? 

It’s one of those not-really-planned afternoons that turned out to be pretty good. If you have kids – from the little lay-in-pram age to running-around kids, I recommend spending an afternoon here. In summary –


Get there early. The promo blurp says 12-5pm, and in the last two years we’ve rocked up at 3pm to stay for the later part of the afternoon. Most of the entertainment would be over by then. Get there by 12pm if you can. It’s tough with the toddler’s nap time, so see if you can push their nap (if possible!) 😉


There’s the fab Luis Malabara who would do balloon bending, and around 2pm he does a really funny juggling show for the kids (and adults). Even I was entertained 🙂 My girl was possibly the first one to get her face painted, though she also managed to rub everything off and get those sparkley stars on everything after an hour. Loved the live guitar acoustic to the likes of Jason Mraz and U2. He’s got a good voice – what is his name? The music was perfect,  just laying on the beanbags having an ice-cold Stella pint 🙂

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Face painting!

Food and Drinks?

We didn’t opt for the picnic basket this time round. We just got hotdogs (35AED) and fish and chips (45aed) from the food trucks. Food was average at best. It’s not horrendously overpriced and it kept us full so I have no complaints. You can get tacos, even steak around 80-100 AED. A Stella Pint costs only 35AED which we thought was very cheap, considering the location! Some bars, you have pay at least 50 AED for a pint. Good on you Westin for keeping the prices reasonable.

The crowd?

Mostly, if not all, families with young children. There isn’t a lot of tables/picnic blankets so I would suggest booking early, or if you’re lucky – just rock up before it starts and ask if there’s a spare table! 🙂 Lots of space for prams, and the tables/blankets are very well-spaced.


We stayed for the entire afternoon, must have left around 5pm or so. Both kids passed out after the show, which was nice as we got to chill and enjoy the music and drinks for a change. Planning to come back in the coming weeks with the extended family 🙂 Also planning to look out for something just as great – any other picnic brunches that you know about?

What I love is the fact that we can opt for ala carte instead of the picnic basket. It’s 250aed should you wish to get it, which they say is suitable for 2 adults and 2 kids but to be honest, it’s probably okay for 4 adults. Just note it’s nothing heavy, you get salads, cold cuts and cheese, bread, that sorta thing. And you could add on if you want beach and pool access 😉 Please go. And if you do, let me know how it is.

  • Pik-Nik Brunch
  • Westin Mina Seyahi
  • Saturdays 12pm-5pm
  • Deal : Not in the Entertainer or anything like that. Suggest to go ala-carte, or otherwise get the picnic basket for 250AED for the family 🙂

Disclaimer : We paid for our meals,  All thoughts are our own 🙂 

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