Cocktails and Dim Sum @ Ba Lounge

When our friends were here in Dubai, they bought trays of dim sum from Carrefour to bring back to Doha. G decided to buy some of these as well to try out, and the har gaus and siew mais was actually, not too bad….:)

So, whilst we were in the ‘omg-I-miss-dim-sum’ mood, I received an email to an invite to Ba for a cocktail and dim sum session. It was the night before we were due to fly out, and usually we tend to keep it quiet for last-min packing and shopping but when we saw ‘dim sum’, we decided we had to go 😉

So glad we did 😀

We watched as Gesal went through the details of making three cocktails, all served in Ba’s Lounge. I had been to Ba for ladies nights many moons ago when it first opened its doors, and was thrilled that the Sparkling Pomegranate Martini with gold dust was on the list that day.  Couldn’t have been more pleased to find that my favourite plum wine Umeshu was also used to make their Japanese Negroni – supposedly a man’s drink due to how much alcohol was actually in it, ha ha.

Highlight was definitely going into Ba’s kitchen and meeting the people behind the food. And we were honestly surprised to see chinese faces 😉 Chinese food by chinese people? What can go wrong? Even better to find the sifu behind the dim sum’s, Chee Kuai Oon to hail from my home country good ol’ Malaysia. Salute. *Proud face beaming*

We gathered around him as he showed us how to prepare har gaus. Pastries hand-made and flattened thinly with a chopping knife, prawns placed in and then the fine art of kneading it close. I had a few go’s and may I say that my mum will not be very proud of me 😉 6 minutes of steaming and viola – perfect har gaus, ready to be served.

The evening concluded back out at the lounge, as we savoured our hand-made dim sums and cocktails 🙂 It was tasty, just as good as those from home. 

This little experience has kinda changed my mind about not giving Ba a shot. I’ll start slow though – maybe try out their ‘Wind Down Tuesdays’ where you can have a basket of dim sums and two glasses of wine for 99AED. Let’s go from there, and then maybe, just maybe, we’ll step up to the yum cha’s on Saturdays. Hoping that there will be a deal as we’re still slightly hesitant to spend 288AED on dim sum’s and soft beverages, even if it includes access to the pool and all. I don’t know ay. It must be the chinese in me 😉 

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