Ladies Night @ Ba Restaurant & Lounge @ Fairmont The Palm

I would like to apologize in advance for the quality of these photos.  I took G’s camera out tonight in hope to take better photos than using my S3. Me + G’s camera – G = not-so-good photos 🙁

Entrance, Ba is mandarin for 8.

So I had been looking forward to Ladies Night at Ba, after doing a lil walkaround of it on Saturday after my treatment at Willow Stream Spa. Pomegranate Martinis for the fairer gender between 8-10pm sprinkled with gold dust 😉 Plus it’s still CNY so I figured, if I were to check out a new bar, it’s gotta be a Chinese-ish one.

Gold dust pomegranate martinis

Service was good, no complaints. The martinis was delicious, was nice to get something different than the usual house wines offered at other ladies nights. We opted to sit inside as I was afraid it’ll be too cold outside.


Although the bar is not big, I like how they had delicately separated the areas so you still have the privacy of chatting with your girlfriend without feeling like you were in an open space.

Music was not too loud, so we could have a decent conversation without screaming at each other. All in all, nice for a decent mid-week catch up without getting your clothes and hair engulfed in smoke. I like it.

Only reservations were that, for some weird reason I had thought there was tapas served after 9pm. I don’t know where I read this from, but I went there with an empty tummy thinking I was gonna get fed, aww. Gonna cook myself some 2-minute Maggi Mee now, haha! My fault.

Glad to be back at Ladies Nights’ again 🙂

Note : This review was written in 2014. This offer is no longer valid. Please check the website for official details of all events at Ba.

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