AhLan! Masquerade Ball 2013

I was thinking if I should run the photos through instagram to make it cooler, but ah, can’t be stuffed, lol. Too many! Plus I’m knackered from brunch at XL today. Best time to blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night, G and I got dressed up for the big AhLan! Ball held at Asateer Tent in Atlantis. He wasn’t supposed to have come lol but managed to rearrange plans to suit. Good thing though, because we both had an amazing night out! Super thanks to The Female Network UAE, it’s events like these that make us love life in Dubai more and more!


This guy above managed to scare the shit outta me when I was posing for a photo later on lol. Crazy fireworks, pretty amazing.

When we arrived at Asateer and got out, there were groups of people outside watching the shows and we both were thinking, wow, everyone’s so dressed up. I guess that’s why it’s called a ‘ball’, lol. So glad that I bought my (self-acclaimed-hot) green dress from Mango last year when it was on sale. Not going to tell you how much it was, but it was probably cheaper than some of the shoes some girls were wearing last night hehehe – as Simone Heng says it best – “cheap and chic!”. It’s been hanging in the cupboards for the whole year and I finally got the chance to strut around in it last night, hee hee. Happy girl.



And so after mingling outside with a few glasses of bubbly (George and Sam, if you’re reading this, drop us a message! We didn’t get a chance to catch up later on!), and soggy chips and nuts (humidity rising in Dubai!), we went back inside……. to this :


Pretty isn’t it? Aww.

We been to Asateer a few times, once for Iftar (highly recommend), and the last time was for Big Boys Toys. It’s a really nice event spot I’ll say. What’s the word – grand? Dubai does it best.


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I think the shows started not too long after. We were having so much fun talking to our new-found friends sharing the same tables as us that we didn’t even look at our watch – not once.

Before going there last night we were both a wee bit anxious because none of our friends were going which means there is a possibility of standing around like dumb dumbs, if everyone else was there in big groups. We were so glad that we were put with a bunch of really down-to-earth strangers that were there in 2s and 3s, so they didn’t know anyone else either. And everyone was really friendly, and nice!


Dynamo came out soon after, the highlight of the night. He then went around to every table to do his card tricks. Really cool. I love magic. It always amazes me. We all know there’s a trick somewhere but hey, when you can manage to fool so many people with 101 witnesses – that, is something! He’s a real good entertainer as well ๐Ÿ™‚


Check out his many many bodyguards, haha.


And still going on …


I think we were all chased out of Asateer after 12 or so, something to do with licenses? Boo. We bid our goodbyes to our newfound friends, had one after-party drink at Nasimi (they gave you a complimentary token for that, not bad ay), and went home….. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again The Female Network UAE ๐Ÿ™‚

And if you’re wondering if you should go next year, go check out the photos. Grab a group of friends, you’ll have ‘a ball’, hehe!

Lots of professional photos on AhLan!’s official website. Can you guess which one is us?

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