An evening out at At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa

January 2016 update – Woohoo, just found out that they’ve brought back their minimum spend to 200AED pp for non-window seats, and 250 AED pp for window seats 🙂 Highly recommended since it’s similar price to go to the Observation Deck. Please call to check.

August 2014 update – Minimum spend in Atmosphere has now been increased to 300AED per person for non-window tables, and 400AED per person for window tables. Pretty shocking isn’t it, considering when I first wrote this blog it was only 200AED for men, and we used to be able to get the window tables as well. That means for a couple, the total price for a window table is 800AED, which means it has gone up 4x. 

March 2014 update– Note that the entrance fees for Atmosphere has recently been changed to a minimum spend of 150AED per person, man or woman. 🙁 Please check their website for any further updates.


Let’s put it this way – it’s not a bar you’ll go to to ‘party with your mates’ (unless you’re super rich). It’s a high-end (literally!) lounge, somewhere you’ll take your girlfriend/family/friends who are visiting because

  1. the views are phenomenal
  2. it’s got really nice ambience with live harp music
  3. it’s pretty cool just to travel up 123 floors in 60 seconds!

You get to at.mosphere by driving towards the Burj. If you don’t know what that is, just look for the tallest building in Dubai (or, the world). There’s a specific entrance for at.mosphere so find it! Otherwise just head to Armani Hotel entrance and he’ll tell you to – make a u-turn out to the main road, turn right, and right again. You won’t miss it.

Taking the elevator up was really cool. 123 floors man. By the way, the Observation Deck that all tourists go to is 100AED per person. It’s on the 124th floor. You pay 100AED to go to a deck. You could do that, or – go with your other half and he’ll have to spend a minimum of 200AED anyways. Same expense overall, except you get food and drinks and probably way better ambience?! 😉

Anyways, this is what you see from the top of the world…..


The weather wasn’t too great today so it wasn’t the best of views unfortunately 🙁 It’s pretty cool to see most of Dubai from the top. Kind of felt like you were looking at a ‘model’ city. The ones people make and display in glass cases ay.

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If you can, get a spot by the windows 🙂


Mocktails are about 45AED. A nice herbal tea will be 25AED. You can also order food to share – mini wagyu burgers – 240AED. Lamb chops – 140AED. So just be prepared to spend a bit when you go up, he he.



View of the fountains from the top was pretty cool….


So would I go back again? Yeah, definitely ay. I mean, food wise was OK. It wasn’t anything super, especially for the price that you’re paying. To be honest you’re basically paying for being on highest lounge in the world. So no complaints really. Service was good but nothing exceptional either. Grosvenor’s till top my list when it comes to service!

Just keep in mind it’s 200AED minimum expense for men. Probably more worth it for us girls? He he, girls have it best in Dubai, don’t they 😉

  • At.mosphere Lounge
  • 122nd floor
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Website
  • Reservations recommended

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