Ronda Locatelli @ Atlantis

First off, I’m not the biggest fan of Atlantis. (Sorry Atlantis)

I guess the few times that we’ve been there we’ve had not-the-most-pleasant experiences. Maybe it’s just timing. I don’t know. I keep thinking it’ll get better but the thing is, there are just so many other restaurants and bars in Dubai so my thoughts are, why bother risking another bad experience.

Early Jan when my family were here, we wanted to take them to Atlantis for some photos and walk-around. We got to the Avenues, which is where Aquaventure and a few shops are. I wanted to take them through the walkway to where the cafes were but as usual there are guards blocking the way.

Well Johnson was doing his job, you can say. But I didn’t like his attitude at all. He told me you need to make a reservation before you walk through. So I told him okay, I’ll ring the reservations department right now. I spoke to them and said I wanted to take my family to the cafe, and she told me you don’t need to make a reservation to go there. So I told him that and he still disapproved. He asked me to ask the lady behind the phone to come DOWN there to walk us in. WTF.

So I said, do you want to talk to her on the phone then? Wouldn’t that be easier? He said no I don’t want to talk to her, you ask her to come down here. And so I asked her but it was a busy period so obviously no one is going to come down here.

Absolutely ridiculous.

So after a few minutes of reasoning, he told me that we can go in now.

What a waste of time.

Ruined my mood. Thanks, Johnson.

So I guess my review of Ronda Locatelli is a wee biased, you’ll say? We came back out the alleyway after to have lunch there. Pizzas are about 100-120AED. Wasn’t that great at all. California Pizza Kitchen in MOE makes better ones lol. So would I go back? Nope.

To be honest I wouldn’t go back to Atlantis to eat unless a friend wanted to have a birthday do there, or something.

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