At.mosphere @ Burj Khalifa #2

I seldom do re-posts but I just felt like At.mosphere deserved another one 🙂

Few months ago At.mosphere updated their menu, which meant a new selection of mocktails. I usually go straight to the more ‘exciting drinks’ but have made it an exception when I’m on the 122nd floor. Absolutely in love with their mocktails right now.


Above, introducing – the Red Dragon. The first thing that caught my eye was litchis, or I will call lychees. I love lychees, and really seldom see it in menus in this part of the world. Just brings me back the taste of home 🙂 The above is a concoction of fresh litchis, raspberry puree, grapefruit juice and raspberry puree. Mm, yummey.

J had ordered the Chocopolitan. This was red chilli, chocolate, camel milk, espresso and cinnamon. It was so delicious I wanted to just drink hers up, haha. It was also my first time tasting camel milk – not that I could tell it apart from the mixture. Love the hint of spiciness the red chilli gave to it.

T went for the Passionata – pineapple, orange and passion fruit. Refreshing, especially when it was 47degrees outside. Not that we were out there for long but the walk from the car to the entrance of the Armani Hotel was warm enough to want us craving for a nice cool drink.

Really should have taken photos of the other drinks but we were too busy enjoying it, and each others company. No harpist because it’s Ramadan but still pleasant atmosphere up the Burj Khalifa.

I might just come back to try the rest of the mocktails, one by one. Then maybe I’ll move onto the cocktails? 😉

Thanks to Charl for taking care of us – as with all the valet boys down at Armani.

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  1. Yea man, first time! Eh you should just stay 3 nights in Dubai la, go AD for a day trip man! Hehe! Ok maybe we should move this conversation to whatsapp…..

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