Iftar @ Armani/Mediterraneo, Armani Hotel

You know it’s good when you come home and the first thing you want to do is write about it before you forget 😉

Tonight, R and I went to Armani/Mediterraneo for the first official iftar.

Ramadan Kareem, everyone.

I was excited – because it would be the first time dining in Armani Hotel. Though I didn’t have too high hopes because I’ve been to Armani Hotel before for the spa, and it was nice but I just didn’t quite like the overall vibe of the place

Well after tonight, think I’ve changed my mind for the better, hehe. R would say it’s because of her company lol – I wouldn’t argue with that 🙂


First of all, views are amazing from the restaurant. I’ve seen the musical fountains a million times but for some reason it was just quite peaceful viewing it from within the restaurant from above. Beautiful.

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The iftar spread was great as well – I wouldn’t be able to tell you the names of the food right now as it was a combination of Arabic, Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptian etc. It was good to have someone who actually knew what everything was with me, haha.

And of course, my favourite criteria, and the very reason why I like dining in Dubai – service.

It was quite a busy night, but we did feel like the staff took special care of us tonight. It was difficult to get their names as it was an Armani rule for all staff to have tags only stating ‘Armani’, aw. Was it Enzo? Evo? To the manager who brought me my lamb soup, let us stay way pass 9pm when there was no one else left, and walked us out with a smile – thanks 🙂 To the charming chef who served us well, I loved the starters – especially the little bowl of seared tuna salad.

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There was so much dessert, I was so sad I couldn’t finish it all, especially the raspberry-filled macaroon (picture on top)! If only I had a bigger appetite, or a bigger dress, lol.

Thanks for yet another memorable experience. Cheers to Claire as well 🙂

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