Massage & Facial @ Sanctuary Spa Sheraton MOE

Saw the promo on Sheraton MOE’s Facebookย for a full body massage (60 minutes) + facial (30 minutes) for only 179AED over July/August. Not bad ๐Ÿ™‚

As we had been to the 24th floor during the SPG photoshoot weeks ago, I was somewhat familiar with the place but had not been to the spa before. Why not give it try, since my body was aching for a good massage. (Hee hee) Think the last time I went for one was at Kalm Holisticย months ago now.

20130727_170144ย  ย ย 20130727_170202

The very friendly Michael at front-desk took care of me when I first got there. Nice cold glass of orange juice and ice-cold face towel – perfect after walking through the summer’s heat.

Niputu was my therapist for the evening.

I had requested for a very firm massage and all I can say is – my goodness, this little lady is one strong woman! Usually I get quite annoyed when they are so gentle because it doesn’t do anything for me and I need to keep reminding them to just increase the pressure. She just went straight for it. Ha ha – bravo. Loved it.

20130727_171413ย 20130727_170213

Facial was a basic 30-minute cleanse, tone and moisturize, with massages in between. Gentle and nice.

Only reservations would have to be the relaxation room. The beds should never have its feet facing the ‘entrance’, as you’re not exactly wearing all too much when you’re in the spas and although I knew it was all girls in there, I wasn’t very comfortable at all. The beds were pretty hard as well, aw. May need a little rearranging I think? ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than that, I still thought the massage and facial was well worth the 179AED – go try it out before the promo ends!

  • Sheraton MOE
  • Spa Direct Dial : 043772380
  • Website

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