Atelier Festival @ Meydan Racecourse

Kinda stink that they had to organize such a big music festival on the same night that Nickelback and Razorlight was playing ay. We thought of doing both but that would be a little too ambitious, ha. So we decided to just head to Meydan instead, after spending the afternoon at the Gulf Bike Festival (some awesome back-flips and stunts there! great show, just missing the usual hot chicks ha ha. Not allowed in Dubai I guess. P/s – Live Nation – Good job on getting signs all set up this time round so people could actually find their way to Festival Park)

Back onto Atelier. I’m gonna do a short post today because I feel so lazy, hehe. Huge line up – Duffy, Craig David, Eva Simons, Ciara, Nelly and 50 Cent. I was actually really keen to see Duffy but she must’ve played early because we didn’t get to see her at all! Soooooo gutted! Thought it was a big weird though that she was with this lot because her music is quite different to the rest. Ah, I hope to see her another time then ๐Ÿ˜‰

The set up was pretty awesome ay. So many people, it was crazy. They really need to set up more alc drink stations though. We saw the queues and just couldn’t be stuffed. Soft drinks and juices were pricey as hell but they’re usually like this in these festivals ay.

The music was great, I liked how they had these hot dancers in between shows to keep us entertained (partly mesmerized, lol). Good job with the big screens so everyone else who wasn’t in VIP could actually SEE something ha ha. The screens failed a few times but was fixed quite soon after.

All was good – except one thing. Why were there SO MANY kids that night? I thought it was a 18+ event! Was there like a massive giveaway to teenagers or something because we were surrounded by what looked like 13 to 16 year olds. We saw some little kids i.e 10-12 year olds as well and we were just thinking – wtf – shouldn’t they be at home in bed by now? And they’re watching these half-naked dancers, and the performers were making reference to a few inappropriate things that surely they shouldn’t be exposed to. Hmm, or maybe I grew up in a different environment? Haha.

It felt so wrong though. Kids making out, smoking, and what’s with so many boys taking their tops off and dancing around topless and sweaty. It stunk in there. Ugh.

Great festival but not pleased with the crowd. Just makes us think – hmm, not the best place to have your teenagers grow up in ay? Maybe it’s best we stuck to adult events next time, lol.

(Update 21.10.12 – Just read online that Duffy never made it because she missed her flight? Stink! ๐Ÿ™ )

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