Oktoberfest @ Grand Hyatt Deira Creek

What a night!


Dubai continuously surprises me in different ways.

On Tuesday morning, N rang me up to let me know I had won an Oktoberfest-do with Scooly for Wednesday night. Happy days 🙂

So gutted that G was not around but I managed to drag SM with me that night. I left Yas Island around 6:50p.m, only to reach home around 7:45pm (damn Al Sufouh road-works!!). I seriously hope they’ll fix up that tram soon because the traffic there is horrendous. Let’s not get sidetracked with my moaning – back onto the good stuff! 😉


It’s my first time to Grand Hyatt. It’s a really nice hotel ay. We found our way towards the Oktoberfest tent and wow – blue lights, girls wearing those cute German dresses serving massive pints of beer, live band and all – we were getting excited. We both got 4 tokens for drinks, and 1 for food at the entrance. Yay 🙂 It’s like ladies night, but better, haha. I love Dubai.

We found the lot inside. Scooly and Rakesh + 5 other winners 🙂 My first time meeting (any) dj’s! And then the party began….. hehehehe.

The next few hours, went pass like a breeze. It was a night filled with awesome music, German beer, never-ending jagermeister shots (!),  singing, dancing on the benches (which looked like it was going to break any-time!), train-dancing (is that what you call it??), and it was also the first time in my life I went on stage with all the girls to dance. Haha!

Did I also mention how yum the pork leg was? It wasn’t as big as the one we got in Czech, but – even with S’ help, we couldn’t finish it!

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I don’t know how Oktoberfest in Germany is like. But whatever it is – I don’t think I’m missing out at all, living in this amazing sandpit.

Thanks again Radio 2. To Scooly and Rakesh – we’re lucky to have had the chance to spend the evening with you guys! We had a blast.

P/s – Still waiting to see the photos? 🙂

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  1. Its great to read about the octoberfest in dubai when sitting in brussels, but i knew about it because my friend is working at the grand hyatt and he told me all about it

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