West 14th @ Oceana Beach Club, The Palm

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I wanna go shopping soon cause it’s EID sales hee hee so again I’ll make it short.

I was just writing to the girls about how nice it is to explore different restaurants in Dubai. West 14th is yet again another one of these that we really like and will return to.

You know one thing that I really like from dining out in Dubai? The bread that you get before your meals. And I think that’s one of the most important thing which sets the difference from other restaurants. Honestly, best bread we’ve had thus far. It comes in a loaf, and it is sooooo soft inside and the crust is just ride on the outside. It reminds me a little of the bread we use to order in Lone Star in Auckland. Aw, it’s so good…

Cheers to West 14th, for the delicious Signature Wagyu Bunless Burger. It’s my first time having any bunless burger. When KFC in NZ was doing their double down promotion – all our friends went to try it out but I just thought it was disgusting. Ha ha. This one is just a little different.

It comes to you on a nice big plate, blueberry sauce circling the main dish. On the bottom layer are roasted fat chips or should I say, roasted very-soft cut potatoes. Middle layer is a nice grilled beef pattie, mm I’m hungry now (still haven’t had breakfast!). Top layer is, how should I describe it. It is hard-boiled egg but then it’s been dipped in yummy batter and fried. You know when I first ate it I thought it was fish. Seriously. So did G. It tasted like the deep fried fish that you get with fish and chips. Haha. I think it’s the batter that makes it taste like that. It’s only when I got to the yolk did I realize it was an egg. Now you’re going to think I’m an egg (ha ha!) for being so dumb. Well – go try the burger for yourself then! ๐Ÿ˜›

G ordered a steak – I can’t remember it was (and I’m too lazy to google it on the website) but it’s the first one on the list. It comes to you on a big-as plate and to be honest I thought they should’ve given a bit more salads to make it look nice. It just looked like a massive piece of meat plonked onto a big plate. Mind you it was really delicious and I kept asking G to give me more of his haha, but presentation-wise needs a bit more work.

The place is really nice though – especially now that the weather has cooled down. There’re lots of couches for people who want to chill with shisha, and it’s situated next to a massive infinity pool which I suppose is part of Oceania Beach Club. It overlooks the marina and last night Ocean Heights just turned on their fancy lights (what’s up with that? Looks like a chinese nightclub?). You can walk along the beach and sit on the deck chairs – calm water, cool sand underneath your feet, 5-star view.

Ah, paradise in Dubai ๐Ÿ™‚

O wait wait – one more thing. I just found out it’s Ladies nights there every Tuesday ..’Divalicious Tuesdays’, and girls get 3 free drinks. Haha. Guess who you’ll see there over the next few months?

  • West 14th steakhouse and grill is situated on the beachfront at the Oceana Beach Club on The Palm Jumeirah. From here, youโ€™ll have a spectacular view of the Arabian Gulf horizon and the impressive skyline of Dubai Marina.
  • http://west14th.ae/

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