A Day in Palm Jumeirah with Kids using the Monorail

Have you ever taken the little ones to the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, via monorail? It’s a very simple and fun way to do it. Ekaterina Krasheninnikova, a Dubai Mum originally from Saint-Petersburg, shares her detailed experience on how to spend a day in the Palm Jumeirah with little ones, using the Palm Monorail. Enjoy!

Even if it is hot in the summertime, exploring the Palm by monorail is an enjoyable trip for children as well as for their parents.

Dubai Tram to Palm Monorail

As we live in the neighbourhood, the journey usually starts with a tram ride.

The tram amuses my little boy with its cute tinkling sound, maneuverability, and picturesque views on both sides. The air-condition and slight wobble also make us parents somewhat tranquilled after the morning preparation hustle.

Upon arrival at Palm Jumeirah Tram Station (Stop No.9), it takes a few steps to reach the elevator going up to the link. Walk along the link, through the parking lot, to the Palm Monorail Depot.

Check the Dubai Tram Schedule, on RTA’s Website

Tip :

  1. If you travel by Dubai Metro, bear in mind that there is no extra fees on your Nol Card when you go from the Metro to the Tram (within 15 minutes).
  2. Remember to pack your little one’s swimwear, extra clothing and a thin towel

Get Monorail Tickets from Palm Gateway Monorail Station

Get your return Monorail Ticket to Nakheel Mall, which will cost 15 AED before discount. See tip below for credit cards which do offer discounts.

You can use your NOL card, however no discount is applicable and I would recommend to do so only when there is a long queue to the tickets office. Please bear in mind, that you need to have at least 15 dirhams on the NOL card.

Check the Monorail Schedule on Palm Monorails Website

Let the little ones show the tickets to the controller as grown ups do, and he will scan with his device.

After this point, you will notice a round table with a detailed miniature of the Palm Jumeirah Island with many tiny hotels, trees and small ships in the sea. Every detail is executed so meticulously, with such a precision! Kids may look , but no-no, no touching!

In case you haven’t done this before – children absolutely love to travel by monorail! They are waiting for it in aspiration. It approaches them as a gigantic caterpillar – the doors are open and kids are in a hurry to choose the best available seat in a coach!

 And the marvellous journey begins.

Tip :

As of October 2023, these credit cards have discounts :

  • ENBD
  • LIV
  • ADCB
  • FAB
  • Emirates Platinum card
  • or SMILE app.

Please check current details with your credit card provider.

Palm Gateway Station – Nakheel Mall Station

First – the overwhelming panoramic view of the sea is on your left, so switch on your camera in advance – you would be definitely willing to record it once and again!

Beaches with sun umbrellas, dazzling skyscrapers, yachts and ships, Ain Dubai… – such splendor! And then the monorail rides as if it floats right above the green paradise – and everything seems so more perfect from the height. Tell your kids that very soon they will be playing in that beautiful park below! Then draw their attention to the Atlantis Hotel with its well-recognised Arch so far away  – as if it crowns the end of the route.

Spend sometime in Nakheel Mall

Get off at the Nakheel Mall station and enter the bright Mall. You will notice an Information desk just in front of you.

Parent and Kids Room

I would recommend taking a refreshing stop with kids in an amazing Parents and Kids Room. Turn right and walk behind the Pharmacy store to find it. It is a colourful room to stay and play for a couple of minutes before moving on.

It is usually empty, so park your stroller, visit the washrooms, come to rest in the cosy space with small tables and curtained cabins for breastfeeding. Kids also love to spend some time there, they are eager to eat a sandwich and even play some hide-and-seek.

Where to eat & Where to go

Walking back to the bright hall on the same level you can find McDonalds by the bowling center and a Food hall nearby. In case of any doubts – please ask the Information desk assistant for the accurate directions.

Usually there are no crowds at all and it feels like a museum. Please take your left from the Information Desk, you need to walk to the elevators, passing the circle space composition with playing fountains below.

Head towards exit to Al Ittihad Park

Head down to Level 1 where the Al Ittihad Park entrance is. After the elevators, please turn left and walk through the elongated hall, and you can notice the main entrance for those customers  who arrived at the mall by land.

There is a beautiful floral composition inside, but also if you look outside through the glass doors – a beautiful fountain composition is just in front of the entrance!

I have noticed something interesting. There are plenty of fountain compositions all over the Palm Island , maybe because a Fountain looks like a Palm to some extent? Can the fountain can symbolically represent the palm? Who knows? It is something I need to find out.

Tip : Many places in Nakheel Mall offer Entertainer discounts. You can also check the kids centers such as Orange Wheels, Fabyland (Entertainer offer) and Trampo Extreme (in Entertainer). The bright and spacious Nakheel Mall is soo very peaceful.

Run around in Al Ittihad Park

Let’s proceed further to the main hall and you will see the exit to the Al Ittihad Park.

There is a huge staircase to walk down, but you can use a side ramp (to the left by the terrace of the Bateel Cafe).

The beautiful Al Ittihad Park is just in front of you with its well-organised alleys for jogging and skating. You can peacefully walk with a stroller ,or let your kid go wildand ride their scooters along the blue route.

Soon you will see the playground on your left. It has a small water pad  with some fountains – well, such a great idea to freshen up in the heat.

Remember I told you about some spare clothes or swimming suites- their time has just come!

After some chilling, let’s proceed: walk further and see an artificial pond, visit some other playgrounds on both sides of the alleys, find “chairs-the-tulips”to rest a little bit and don’t forget to salute the rushing monorail trains above your heads!

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Cool down in Golden Mile Galleria

To escape from the heat  – you always have an opportunity to walk inside the Golden Mile Galleria  – an elongated mall in beige colors is stretched along the alley. You can grab a coffee there, visit the supermarket, or the pharmacy.

At the end of the Golden Mile Galleria building, there will be a large parking space and the Adagio Hotel/Fixie Cafe on your right by a busy road.

Editor’s Notes : Drop by Organic Foods & Cafe for a healthy bite and drink! You can also do some shopping as they do have a really nice selection of fresh organic and biodynamic foods. If you would like to shop online instead, use LILONE15 for 15% off the total bill!

Sunset at Palm West Beach

At the end of the day, turn to the right to reach the Palm West beach promenade, crossing the pedestrian crosses.

I presume that you get to the beach right before the sunset. What a beautiful view, when all the colours fade a little bit and become warmer and rosy!

All these glamorous beach restaurants and bars like February 30 , KOKO BAY and etc. add so much to the festive atmosphere.

Editor’s Notes : Have a browse through Restaurants at Palm West Beach for inspo on where to dine.

The evening has just begun and soon you can feel the night life vibes!

Do not forget to take beautiful photos of the sea with Ain Dubai and Marina skyscrapers in the background. The main highlight for your kids are the dancing fountains for sure! The large splash pads on the promenade – on both sides from the February 30 restaurant.

When it gets darker the fountains are illuminated from below with different colours. Such a joy  for kids! And you can join in too!

It’s a pity that the Pointe is under reconstruction now, but if the fountain show is launched there again, then with it would be the culmination of the walking tour to go they and enjoy the evening show!

Tip : For restroom access, you can find them behind  February 30 and also at the underground parking (accessible via escalators).

Going Home

After sunset, you can return straight to the Al Ittihad Monorail Station, which is in the park right behind that parking space.

Just tell the controller the tickets that you return to the Palm Gate Monorail Station, or if you still have some enthusiasm – head back to Nakheel Mall.

You will be really fascinated by the huge Nakheel Mall staircase, because it is now lit up and shines golden in the darkness. Come back to the mall where you grab a quick bite and just head to the monorail on the Level 2.

On your Monorail trip back, you will see the Palm below once more, but with beautiful garlands of lights and lamps in the darkness!

Here’s a reel to show you an overall capture of a Day in the Palm


Ekaterina Krasheninnikova is from Saint-Petersburg, Russia where she worked as a tour guide at the Hermitage Museum. She along with the family, relocated to Dubai, settling in Jumeirah Beach Residence in Summer 2022, due to her husband’s work.

I am trying to find the best picturesque routes in Dubai, especially for mommies with strollers, taking into account all convenient stops, finding the ramps and even counting the steps. We try to avoid crowds where possible, just to make moms’ lives more pleasant, and comfortable when discovering new places!

You can follow her adventures on @kate.krashenin

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