InfraslimX and Mandara Spa @ H Hotel Dubai : Where fat burning can actually be fun.

Have you ever heard of the InfraslimX technology? I haven’t. I didn’t even know what we were signing ourselves up for until a few hours before heading over. My husband called me over to the laptop to show me what it was on Google. ‘Oh, is that what it is?’ We both looked at each other, amused. Looks like we are both in for a treat!

Here is what to expect from the Infraslim X and Mandara Spa offer – should you choose to give it a try.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Where is the InfraslimX experience?

There are a three InfraslimX branches in Dubai.

This, was the InfraslimX on the 4th floor of the H Hotel. That’s the last hotel just before that scary SZR roundabout.

The other two, are located in Al Barsha South (ladies only), and another at the Ink Hotel in Jaddaf.

It’s a standalone studio literally called ‘InfraslimX’ – right opposite H Hotel’s gym and on the same floor as their pool.

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Tell me more about the InfraslimX experience.

The machine looks like a futuristic machine from Blade Runner. Or Minority Report. The staff lifts the top part up, and inside you’ll find that it’s sorta like a bicycle machine, with infrared, collagen, vacuum and oxygen to enhance the overall fitness regime.

You wear these skirt-like things, zipped super tight over your waist. As you lay down, you place your legs inside and they then close the machine over the lower half of your body.

The skirt is placed over the mouth of the machine and as they press start, you feel the vacuum initiating and it’s a point of no return. What’s going to happen? Will my legs get transported to another realm? Cellulite, magically disappear? Will my fat dissolve?

Ah, don’t get hopes up too high. It doesn’t happen straight away…

It does, however amplify the intensity of the workout. We didn’t think we will sweat as you are working out, while you are laying down but boy oh boy, did we work up a sweat.

For 30-minutes you cycle, chat with your other half, play with your phone, watch Netflix, or turn on the Mission Impossible interview, like I did. It was actually a really fun experience for us – laying in our machines side by side in the same room, encouraging each other to cycle faster and burn more calories.

The InfraslimX Technology

Quoting directly from the InfraslimX team, this is how it works :

The Infraslimx cycling machine is combined with infrared, vacuum, collagen, aroma, oxygen and ozone therapies. All these therapies combined with cycling are extremely effective in weight and fat loss, reducing cellulite, improving skin quality and detoxifying your body:

  • Collagen light stimulates natural collagen production and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Vacuum therapy helps loosen tissues, and expands blood vessels, giving cells much more oxygen. This allows us to perform better.
  • By increasing circulation, we can target fat burn in problem areas such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. It helps decrease cellulite by increasing circulation and boosting lymphatic drainage.
  • Infrared heat boosts metabolism aiding to achieve weight loss targets, which enables us to burn significantly more calories than any other exercise.

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Massage at Mandara Spa

Workout done, we proceeded to the second part of the experience : relaxation.

The team came down to escort us up to Mandara Spa. We had a 60-minutes Balinese Spa arranged (note that most staff at Mandara are from Indonesia). The team had properly prepped their couples room, with candles and flower petals all around. Loved the effort, plus the little card that they had arranged.

We started off with a foot scrub – and this was possibly one of the more thorough foot scrubs pre-massage that we have had. The team have also done it right with a bowl of water with carefully placed petals beneath the massage bed – another bonus point for that. We were both pretty tired from the workout prior to this, so we thoroughly enjoyed the massage.

Facilities in Mandara Spa

If you have time, come a little earlier to use the facilities in Mandara Spa. They have a lovely jacuzzi, steam and sauna room, as well as experential shower.

Overall Thoughts

There are a lot of different offers going on at InfraslimX as well as Mandara Spa. Currently, the one that they have combined is 799AED – which is literally more than 2 hours of workout, fat burning, followed by…. bliss. Did I also mention that prior to the InfraslimX workout, they do a body assessment to check how much fat you have in your body, and where it is? I’m not sharing my results here, but man – it sure is a fun couples day out. Something different.

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Disclaimer : We were guests of H Hotel to review the InfraslimX and Mandara Spa Combo Offer

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