Zing @ Hilton Palm Jumeirah : A Family-friendly Pool & Beach Bar on Palm West Beach

The beach area next to Jones the Grocer was under construction for a very long time. We were wondering – what’s going on? Say hello to Zing, Hilton Palm Jumeirah’s own Beach Bar, to add to a number of other restaurants in its property. We went over to the Hilton end of January to review the venue with the family – bringing along all 3 kids, as always. Life with kids, hey? 🙂

Here’s what to expect from Zing in the Hilton Palm Jumeirah.

Where is Zing?

Zing is Hilton Palm Jumeirah’s Pool and Beach Bar. When you get to the Hilton, walk straight across the lobby, through Social Bee and out their doors (automated as well, hooray!).

Zing Beach Bar is situated in between Orange Chamelon, and the very well-known Jones the Grocer along Palm West Beach. There are lounge tables on the beachside for those who would like to sit down on sofas to have a bite. Take note though – that all the food is served in a bento box style – which makes it easier for sunbed dining. So don’t expect fancy plates and cutleries!

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Zing Pool Bar is built into the middle of the main pool – so swim right over and have a drink in the shade! You can also eat comfortably on the sunbeds.

What is on Zing’s menu?

Zing offers easy-to-eat beach and poolside grub, and also offers gourmet and healthy options. There are salads and poke bowls, circa 80 AED. Pizzas from their stone oven, from the classic margherita to truffle for 105 AED.

You’ll find burgers, wraps, shawarmas circa 80AED. And of course, desserts to end the day.

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Don’t worry – they do serve drinks. Make sure you get the Zing Colada!

Have a look at Zing’s Food Menu here.

Is Zing family-friendly?

Much like its adjacent beach bar Jones the Grocer, Zing is a family-friendly spot on Palm West Beach. There is lots of space for the little ones to scooter, cycle, rollerblade and run around.

They do have a kids’ menu as well.

If you have a Privilee membership or alternatively you can pay for access, you can also use Hilton’s Kids Club which is just a quick run from Zing Beach Bar itself. There is an outdoor playground and a supervised indoor area.

Here’s a quick video of Zing and Hilton’s family-friendly facilities :

How much is a pool and beach day at the Hilton Palm Jumeirah?

As of February 2023, these are the day pass rates :

  • Weekdays : Adults – 100 AED ; Kids -50 AED | All fully redeemable in F&B at Zing
  • Weekends : Adults – 150 AED ; Kids – 75 AED | All fully Redeemable in F&B at Zing
  • Kids under 6 go free

Please check our Dubai Pool & Beach Day Pass Listing for current rates!

Overall Thoughts

Take the family to Hilton for a pool and beach day, have a bite at Zing. You can stay for an entire day if you wish – the kids can scooter around Palm West Beach, play in Hilton’s playground, jump in for a swim. It’s a nice way to spend a day. Or hey, splurge a little and book a night 😉

Disclaimer : We were guests of Hilton Palm Jumeirah to review Zing with the family.

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