Brunch on 54 @ Ce La Vi Dubai : One for the adults!

We are possibly one of the last people in Dubai to dine in Ce La Vi. I am sure you have a photo on that swing – possibly a Dubai bucket list, isn’t it? Though we haven’t done their famous business lunch as yet, we did have the opportunity to review Ce La Vi’s Saturday brunch called ‘Brunch on 54’ mid January. It was a cold, crisp winter afternoon when we drove up Sheikh Zayed Road towards Address Skyview for a nice, child-free afternoon.

Here’s what to expect from Brunch on 54 at Ce La Vi Dubai.

Where is Ce La Vi Dubai?

Ce La Vi is situated on the 54th floor of Address Skyview Hotel in Downtown Dubai.

You can hand your car over to the valet, and walk towards Ce La Vi’s entrance which is separate to the main hotel entrance.

Is Brunch on 54 an indoor or outdoor brunch?

Brunch on 54 is an indoor brunch.

Don’t worry – you get a lot of sun at the 54th floor so if you want to put on your sunnies and bask in the sunshine – just pick a spot by the windows. You can always walk out anytime for photos and trust me – you will.

The view from Ce La Vi, or in general the 54th floor of the Address Skyview is nothing short of spectacular. Possibly one of the best views of the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai, and as you are ‘not so high up’, you can actually make out what is in front you. Dubai is so impressive from here. From the other side – you look back at Sheikh Zayed Road and beyond.

What sort of food do you get Ce La Vi’s brunch?

When we dined – mid January 2023, this was what was on their brunch menu.

Warm seaweed parker rolls served with two dips – butter with dates honey, and smoked salmon with salmon roe. This came altogether with their starters – these guys were quick!

Three dishes – torched balfego bluefin tuna, burrata salad (a Dubai staple) and grilled spanish octopus. All dishes were meticulously presented – colour, plating with lots of micro greens and little flowers (of course). We don’t do octopus’ much and loved Ce La Vi’s – and sadly could not finish it all as we had to save our stomach for the mains. Good start so far….

What about the mains?

When their black truffle risotto came we were smiling at the amount of shaved truffle on it. Just look at it. The risotto was cooked with what they refer as ‘sushi rice’, with butternut squash and shimeji mushrooms. Loved every bit of it.

The grilled striploin we weren’t too sure about. Firstly we thought the team would ask how we want our steak. When it came to the table we thought alright, maybe everyone gets it the same way – it is a very busy brunch. The menu described it as ‘japonaise’ – and Google came back to say that’s a Japanese word for french women. Maybe not the description I was looking for ha ha – but it did taste very asian – with soy sauce, teriyaki-ish? It was alright, not a winner for the both of us, but everything else was great so it was nothing to complain about.

We both loved the salmon, and dishes like these always make us want to have a big bowl of rice to go with us, ha. Just to add – there are sides : brussels sprouts ( mind you, a lot of it ) and french fries.

For those who are wondering : they do have a separate brunch menu catered for vegetarians/vegans as well.

Brunch was finished off with a Ce La Vi dessert platter – served on a bed of ice. It was so much for the two of us – definitely would have fed 4 people just fine!

Have a browse on Ce La Vi’s website to check their current Brunch on 54 menu before you go!

What kind of vibe and crowd do you get at Ce La Vi’s brunch?

The brunch starts at 12:30pm and we arrived possibly 20 minutes in – and the restaurant was more or less full already. It was mainly large groups of adults, and not to worry – a few tables where couples, like us were there for a ‘brunch date’.

There is a DJ on the decks playing party music for most of the afternoon. There is a saxophonist as well getting people into the mood – this was happening mainly in the ‘bar’ area which is slightly separate to the main restaurant. So if you are done with food – pop on over to the bar to dance ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Are kids allowed in Ce La Vi Dubai?

Officially – on their website here, kids are allowed in the main restaurant until 11pm, and club lounge till 10pm. I’m not taking my toddlers to Ce La Vi until 11pm at night, ha ha!

There was one family with older kids (pre-teens) at Brunch on 54 that day, the rest were adults.

I would personally saydo this one with the adults as there isn’t much space for toddlers to ‘run around’ at all, and just as an overall vibe – it’s more adult-centric with the party music. Probably more suitable to bring the little ones during lunch time, though?

Overall Thoughts

Do Brunch on 54 for a big celebration with friends, or a nice afternoon date with your other half.

Pricing is on the higher end, with house beverages at 490 AED – and no discounts (that I am aware of). That’s your bluefin tuna, spanish octopus and giant black truffle risotto. It does attract a nice crowd, with most very elegantly dressed up for the afternoon – and of course, for that photo on the swing. If the menu and vibe fits – try it out!

Alternatively, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option to do Ce La Vi, try Ce La Vi’s business lunch offer – which is 140 AED per person. More details on their business lunch menu here.

  • Brunch on 54
  • Every Saturday 12:30-4pm
  • Ce La Vi Dubai
  • Ce La Vi’s Website
  • Price : 390 AED soft, 490 AED house, 690 AED sparkling

Disclaimer : We were guests of Ce La Vi to review Brunch on 54.

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