All American Brunch @ Claw BBQ The Pavilion : A whole lotta fun!

A dear friend of ours was back in town and I started hunting left right centre for a fun spot for a get together. We did the ladies night at the new Claw BBQ in the Palm many weeks ago, and have been hoping that they will launch a brunch. They didn’t, but hooray – Claw BBQ in The Pavilion JBR did! The All American Brunch it was called.

A few arrangements were made and a table was booked.

Here’s how the All American Brunch at Claw BBQ was like, for us.

So, where exactly is Claw BBQ in JBR?

Claw BBQ is located in The Pavilion, a fully enclosed air-conditioned building (yay!) which opened up early 2022. Its close to the ‘south end’ of The Beach in JBR, otherwise known as the end next to Bla Bla, the kids playground, or Sheraton JBR.

If you are taking the taxi to the brunch – I recommend you tell the taxi man to exit on Garn al Sabkha Street and enter JBR from Al Sayorah Street. Yes, Garn al Sabhkha is *usually* jammed up in the late afternoon and evenings, but at mid-day it is *usually* not toooooo painful. Much better than driving down the entire stretch of The Walk anyways – you will likely end up getting off halfway through and walking the rest of the way to The Pavilion (like me, haha).

When is the brunch?

The All American Brunch is every Saturday from 12:30-4pm.

Brunch happens in Claw BBQ The Pavilion on ground floor, indoors.

How is the place like?

Much like the original Claw BBQ in Souk al Bahar – the interior is colourful, playful and fun. Fishing nets draped across the ceiling, with lots of fishing props throughout the venue. Their walls are adorned with cheeky quotes and photos – perfect for the gram.

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The ground floor has booths for groups and a few high tables. Its all been designed for large groups – out to have a good time.

Upstairs – you will find more seating areas indoor, another bar, and a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking Ain Dubai and Bluewaters. It has couch seatings here, for a more relaxed get together.

Let’s talk about the food.

Food at Claw’s brunch is served buffet style, within ‘The Pavilion’ area just by the restaurant.

You get cold seafood on ice – a lot of it. Shrimps, Mussels, Whole Crabs, Oysters.

On one end, there is roast – chicken and ribeye, yorkshire puddings and roasted veges, plus mussels. Of course you get your salads – smoked turkey ham, salmon, beef pastramis. Then there’s the another area for BBQ chicken, beef ribs, pastas, guac and nachos and more.

I hear there is a rodeo?

Their signature thing, isn’t it? 🙂 For adults only, or kids ages 12 and above. So no you can’t put your 2 year old on the rodeo – unless it’s just for photo ops haha. Definitely one to do if you are there.

Would you say it’s a family friendly brunch?

Amongst our group of 10, there were 2 kids. One, my 2 year old and the other, our friend’s 7 year old.

I would say that we didn’t see a lot of kids during brunch, though there were a few toddlers around.

Yes, there are arcade games to keep them occupied for a bit, a foosball table outside as well as a snooker table for the older ones. These are all free to use. Most of the crowd that day were groups of friends – big people only. If you can, do this brunch without the little people. It did feel more like one to do with adults – all out to have a good time, though as mentioned – kids are welcomed 😉

Also to add, the JBR playground is right in front….so in case one of you want to stay in there for drinks while the other takes the kids to the playground – there’s always that option!

Overall Thoughts

The All American Brunch is a fun one to do friends. The arcade games, foosball and snooker, as well as the 360 selfie station is all good fun. Let’s not forget the rodeo! The music is loud, it does give the whole place a proper party vibe. Good one for a birthday, somewhere to ‘start the afternoon’ before heading to somewhere else for the evening 🙂

  • All American Brunch @ Claw BBQ, The Pavilion JBR
  • Every Saturday 12:30-4pm
  • Price : 249 AED House, 299 AED Sparkling
  • Claw BBQ’s Instagram Page

Disclaimer :

  1. My husband and I were guests of Claw BBQ for the All American brunch.
  2. This review was done in November 2022. Please check with Claw BBQ for current details and pricing.

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