FamBam Brunch @ Social Distrikt, The Pointe Dubai

July 2023 Update : FamBam Brunch have relaunched for the 2023 season and is slightly different than what is mentioned in this review done in 2022. Please see our current reel for the Fam Bam Brunch for details.

We are always happy to see another family brunch being launched in Dubai.

I first found out about the FamBam brunch from a sponsored, probably targeted ad on instagram. Congratulations, you guys got the right demographic, and the right person 😉 I had seen press releases about Social Distrikt from their PR company so reached out to find out more information, so I could include them in the family brunch listing.

Also tried to casually sneak in a request for a review amidst the long email, but alas – this part of the conversation was never acknowledged hahaha. It’s okay. It happens 🙂

After seeing Mr and Mrs Brunch‘s stories that they have a Buy 1 get 1 free offer for this, I quickly shared it with our group of friends and a table for 6 adults and 6 kids was booked for a Sunday. Mentioned it to a mutual friend who booked for her group, a party of 10. Happy days!

Here’s a rundown of how the FamBam brunch at Social Distrikt went.

Let’s start with reservations.

Pretty bad. I tried emailing the address on their Instagram but never (ever) got a response. Luckily someone got back to us on their Instagram DMs and I also got through the phone after numerous calls.

Tip : Just give them a call if you need to book. Don’t email.

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The venue.

Surprise surprise – this is where Asian District used to be. We absolutely loved their brunch back in 2019 and was gutted to find out they closed down after covid. Well, here comes Social Distrikt – a “urban food and bar hall”, with 10 venues, to include Pinsanity, Ichiban Sushi, Zaroob, Circle Cafe, Rock House Sliders, Couqley and JapanG.

How does the brunch work?

Each outlet has a few food items served buffet-style.

Sushi spread by Ichiban Sushi, delicious roast beef at Couqley, Fried Chicken – Katsu Sando and Chicken Cutlets from JapanG, DIY salad at Circle Cafe, Sliders from Rock House, etc.

You walk around the entire foodhall and you take what you like to bring back to your table.

Whilst it seems like there is a lot of choices because of the number of venues, I would say that it’s not so much about the quantity here but the quality. It’s not the typical extensive buffet spread you will find in large hotel chains. There’s just a few items under each venue – but it was good. The roast beef was delicious, the mushroom sauce perfect. The fried chicken we enjoyed, the cutlets bit too sweet for my liking. There was a live pasta station from one of the venues (sorry couldn’t recall what it was called) – and this was simple but done well for the kids. Even the dessert section was whole cakes, it was pretty cool 🙂

I hear there are kids activities?

Yep, you heard right.

At the end of the food hall there are kids tables and chairs set up. Lovely lady comes in around 230pm with lots of arts and craft material, colouring, beads, stickers, etc. Take note that the brunch starts at 1pm so if you got there on time, take the opportunity to get the little ones fed before they disappear for the afternoon.

Price : 25 AED per child.

There are arcade machines mainly at that far end, but also placed around the entire food hall.

Price : 10 AED for 3 games.

There is also two pool tables, foosball, air hockey.

Things that could be better

  • Get the team to respond to emails. Otherwise, change it to the right one.
  • Suggest to mention in brunch promo that kids activities are chargeable, to avoid surprises. We knew this as we asked in advance, but I would assume lots of parents think that it’s all included.
  • Chill with the tissue clearing, hahaha. It was like magic, every tissue that was used once disappeared the moment you blink. I am happy to reuse my tissues, save the earth, lol.
  • Fix the dripping air-con and up the air-con especially in the area closer to the arcades. I can understand that it must be tough with summer in full swing but this will be a big deciding factor for people who are looking for a properly chilled spot to spend the afternoon.
  • Can we introduce ice cream in cones, especially since this is a Family Brunch? There was a popsicle freezer in the food hall that our kids were trying to open, but unfortunately was told it’s not included. Will be good to provide an alternative.

Overall Thoughts

With the Buy 1 Get 1 free with the Lets Dxb app (Thanks guys!) – the brunch works out to be pretty affordable, at 150 AED per adult including house beverages. Kids under 12 eat for free.

If you don’t have kids and don’t intend to use the arcade games, that’s an absolute steal, especially for a brunch that goes from 1-5pm. If you do have little ones – say 3 – with the workshop (25AED per child) and arcade games, expect to pay in total around 300AED + 25×3 + 10×4 = 405 AED for a family of 5. It still works out to be pretty reasonable, in comparison with most family brunches currently on in Dubai.

We all had a great time. The food, though not extensive, was good. The drinks kept us happy, and the kids were entertained. There were pockets of Ipad time in between, but that’s okay. To mention as well that this is a good brunch for people without kids as well – there were quite a few groups of adults there – some playing pool, foosball, etc.

All in all, FamBam brunch is a pocket-friendly chilled family brunch in The Pointe, a good spot to spend your entire Sunday afternoon at 😉

  • FamBam Brunch at Social Distrikt, The Pointe
  • Every Sunday 1-5pm
  • Website

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Note :

  1. This is not a sponsored post. We all paid for the brunch, using the Buy 1 get 1 free promo from the Lets DXB App.
  2. This review was done in June 2022. Please check current details and pricing with the venue.

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