Excursions from Alila Hinu Bay : Journey through the Mirbat Coast

On the third day in Alila Hinu Bay, we got on a boat with the amazing Frank from Ocean Sense.

Similar to the Wadi Darbat excursion, this is booked through Alila and they will organise everything for you. More packed lunches and drinks so you don’t have to worry about all that. Frank picked us up from Alila, and it was about a quick 15 minute drive to the spot where the equipment and boat was docked.

I think we ended up spending about 5 hours out at sea in the Mirbat coast. We saw hundreds of dolphins (okay, maybe I was exaggerating but there were lots of them!) – it was pretty cool.

We then stopped by Eagle Bay for snorkelling – and I wish I had an underwater phone to capture what I saw. The marine life, the sea urchins (so many red ones!) – I was mesmerized – so much so that I ended up for a long time snorkelling and was completely sunburnt, haha.

We moved on to another site – a ‘Chinese shipwreck’ apparently – and spent more time there snorkelling, before heading back to the dock.

The older two (4 and 6 year old) jumped into the water with us for a little bit – but not for long. We kind of took turns snorkelling so there was always one of us on the boat with the kids.

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Swipe ripe to see the dolphins :

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Sharing as well, an amazing video by a talented content creator huesbyhanan who went a few weeks before us :

If you ended up in Alila – please get out to the Indian Sea to see the marine life. One not to miss.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Alila for the Mirbat Coast excursion as part of our stay in the resort.

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