Excursions from Alila Hinu Bay : Journey to Wadi Darbat

On the second day in Alila Hinu Bay, we went on an excursion through to Jabal Samhan to Wadi Darbat with the family.

You can book this through Alila and they will organise everything for you – including packed lunches and drinks so you can have it as a picnic while you are there. The driver picked us up from the resort and drove us up Jabal Samhan. It took about 45 minutes or so from the resort.

Keeping it short, here some beautiful snapshots of Wadi Darbat, to share :

Overall Capture of the Excursion :

We were meant to see a few more spots but we cut the trip short – kids being tired, and hot.

Definitely a trip to do if you are based in Alila.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Alila for the Wadi Darbat excursion as part of our stay in the resort.

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