Picnic Brunch with Animals @ The Green Planet Dubai

2023 Update : Picnic Brunch in The Green Planet current discontinued. Have a browse through our ‘Family brunches in Dubai‘ for other options

Have you been to the Green Planet? Over the cooler months, they have a brunch in their outdoor cafe. We brought the family over as part of an invitation to their Gender Reveal celebration for the very first sloth born in the UAE. Some may say that is absolutely ridiculous but c’mon, we are in Dubai. Everything is over the top and we all love it, don’t we? 🙂

Now, let’s talk about the Picnic Brunch first.

Green Planet has a cafe?

You know the seating area outside where you buy your tickets?

Well that whole ‘area’ is the ‘Green Planet Cafe’ 😉 A few large tables that could comfortably fit 12, and lots of couches with tables in between which will be perfect for a family of 4 to 6.

Brunch? Like Dubai brunch with drinks and all that?

Sorry don’t get too excited, there are no adult drinks here. But you can have as much juice, water, tea and coffee as you wish.

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In terms of timing it’s 9am to 12pm so technically it’s not one of those standard Dubai brunches, though it is much more than just a ‘long breakfast’ or brunch as the rest of the world calls it.

What sort of food did they have?

You have your pastry and sweets section, hot buffet with the usual breakfast favourites as well as freshly made pancakes and eggs to your liking. There was also mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, grilled lemon herb chicken breafast and roast potato. So a bit ‘more’ than just breakfast food you can say. Ah, and a burger station as well which they will prepare for you.

I will be honest – I didn’t focus too much on the food this morning as we got there a little late, and there was just so much going on for the kids. What I had – it was alright, but I will be keen to return next time, get there earlier and sit down properly to eat the food.

A lot going on for the kids, you say?

Unfortunately for us – we missed the animal show, and only caught the last part of the magic show (10-10:30am). After that the biologists takes out animals so little ones (and yourself) can talk to them (the biologists, not the animal) and get properly up close and personal.

And there is a playground as well?

Yeah, a proper gated soft-play area, good enough to keep them entertained for all the other times in between the shows and animal encounters.

Can you go inside the Green Planet if you pay for the brunch?

Well there are two pricing.

You can either just pay for the brunch, or you can pay for the upgraded package which includes entry to Green Planet as well.

What’s this about the Sloth Gender Reveal?

The brunch that we attended was for the gender reveal of the very first sloth born in the UAE. As such the cafe was properly decorated with pink and blue ribbons, flowers, and more. Everyone gathered at the ‘stage’ as they revealed, that Liam and Lemon’s baby sloth is a … drumroll, a girl! And her name is Lime. So cheesy and so fun all at the same time. There was proper ceremony, confetti was released and pink smoke. And the biggest banner you would ever see over the Green Planet – drive by in the next few days, you will see it.

Overall Thoughts

For 175 AED an adult, and 49 AED per child (ages 5 to 12) – it is quite a fun-filled morning. Though the food is nothing to report home to, you do get value for money for all the entertainment that comes with it, especially when it does come with pretty much unlimited use of the soft play area. We were there until 2pm today! I would also add that it is quite a nice spot to consider for birthday parties 😉 Give it a try.

Disclaimer :

  1. We were guests of The Green Planet for the Gender Reveal party at the Picnic Brunch.
  2. Have a browse through this list for other family-friendly brunches in Dubai.
  3. And if you ever want to try out Green Planet’s Zookeeper’s Experience – here’s how it went for us.

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