Caviar Afternoon Tea @ The Lounge, Address Beach Resort Dubai

Well, you must have been to Address Beach Resort by now? Or at least seen (endless) reels taken by their outdoor terrace. It is definitely a stunning spot, credits to the beautiful Sails of the Future sculpture, designed by Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej on a water feature.

How about having afternoon tea here?

Let’s step it up a notch, how about afternoon tea here with caviar?

Sorry, where is Address Beach Resort?

C’mon. It’s the biggest building along JBR beach, at the far end just before you get to the bridge leading to Bluewaters. This photo might help.

Indoors, or outdoors?

Up to you. We started off with coffee indoors. The lounge is quite popular with people who are working remotely it seems, or maybe it was the case when we were there on a Tuesday afternoon.

We then moved outside for the main deal, and for the view – of course.

Let’s talk about the afternoon tea.

3-tiered, two of which are sweets and the bottom – scones. Chocolate choux, nutty chocolate mendiant, pecan brownies, chocolate coated cigars amongst others.

The savouries come on a separate plate – smoked organic salmon with citrus sour cream on bread. There’s alaskan king crab rolls with kewpie sauce and little oranges within – this was my favourite. Not to forget cucumber egg mayonnaise served with chive on white toast – a Dubai afternoon tea standard. In the middle you will find mini toasted paninis, with mozzarella and truffle.

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Did you say there was caviar?

Yes, and why not right?

We were presented with a 15g tin of Golden Oscietra Caviar, and after some guidance – was told that you place them on the sandwiches. Adds a slight fishy taste to it. I’ll put my hand up and say I am no expert when it comes to caviar (any experts out here?) so cannot comment on it – it was just fun, to experience something completely different.

Can we bring kids?

If you really want to – by all means, you are allowed to bring the little ones to afternoon tea in The Lounge. I would suggest you go with the adults-only crew at it’s just so nice there and a nice spot to have a really different afternoon tea experience.

If you are staying in the resort, and your little one is 5 years old and above, you can drop them off in Qix Club and pop back upstairs with your other half 😉

What about drinks?

The Caviar Afternoon Tea includes 2 beverages from a selection. You could go fancy and try their Lychee Soda which comes with 23 Carat Gold Leaves (because, why not, right?), or otherwise, there’s always Coffee and Tea 😉

Overall Thoughts

Come for a date or get together with your girlfriends at the Lounge. Do the Caviar Afternoon Tea if that suits, otherwise the regular Afternoon Tea is also available. In comparison with other afternoon teas on offer in Dubai, I would say that it is on the upper end of pricing, and therefore targetted at those who don’t mind splurging for a unique and luxurious experience. Something special, something different 🙂

Many thanks to Joan who took care of us well (please say hi if you see her), and Chef Praveen as well.

  • Caviar Afternoon Tea
  • The Lounge, Address Beach Resort
  • Website
  • 348 AED per person for Caviar Afternoon Tea (Available until 28th February 2022)
  • 288 AED per person for regular Afternoon Tea (Available daily)

Disclaimer : We were guests of The Address Beach Resort to review the Caviar Afternoon Tea.

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