Couples Massage @ Oaks Spa, Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel Dubai

Aching for a massage as it had been months since we went for one – we started hunting around for an offer online. The husband found one on Groupon – it was 359 AED for 60-minutes – for two people. A bit of googling and we found that the spa – called Oaks Spa – in the rebranded Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel. Shouldn’t be too bad right – since it is in a nice hotel?

Booked and here I am, writing a very quick review about it this evening – because – it was actually pretty good.

I’ll be straight – the spa itself is so-so. It’s nowhere like the last few that I have been to this year. What is good is the actual massage itself.

A few FAQs.

Will my other half and I be in the same room for the massage?

Yes – they do have a couples room.

How was the facilities?

Absolutely no idea, because we were late and didn’t get the chance to explore. Why don’t you go and tell me how it is 🙂

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Can I choose what type of massage I would like?

Surprisingly yes.

They do have a spa menu and you can choose one of the 4 ‘standard massages’ available. I went for Deep Tissue, the husband Balinese. The menu explains it in details if you want to choose. I always go for deep tissue or whatever that gives the best pressure. Fix my back, shoulders and neck please – thank you very much.

Have a browse through the Spa menu here.

And it was good, you said?

My therapist – Wayan (I think that’s how its spelt) – goodness me this little lady is so petite but boy is she strong. Her hands, her arms, elbows. She even sits on you at one point… haha. 60-minutes of a good proper massage. My husband’s therapist was a lady from Indonesia – also fab.

At the end of it we were both so relaxed and thinking we should come back and do this once a month …(wishful thinking)

Overall thoughts

If you are looking for a good massage with your other half – one that wouldn’t break the bank, and without the fluff – do this one. Quite happy with what we paid – 180AED per person for a proper relaxing (at times, painful..but a good pain, if you know what I mean) massage in a pretty decent spa. No tea and apricots and dates after, just water. But that’s okay, I can go home and have a glass of something else instead 😉

  • Couples Massage at Oaks Spa
  • 8th Floor, Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel
  • Website
  • Deal on Groupon359 AED for 2 – 60 minutes massage

Note : Non-sponsored post. We bought the massage voucher off Groupon.

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