Seafood Evening Brunch @ Feast, Sheraton Grand Dubai

Last Thursday we got the little ones dressed up, and ourselves too – for an evening brunch at Feast, located about 15 minutes up Sheikh Zayed Road from the marina. Happy to have accepted the invitation to review the brunch as it ticked a lot of boxes – there was going to be a lot of crabs, prawns, sushi, sashimi and most importantly – a cocktail station. The last point was probably the most important.

Thoughts? What to expect if you were planning a night out with your friends there, a date, or brave enough to bring the whole troupe there?

Ambience – It was a full house on Thursday – the place was buzzing. Mostly groups of adults, a few couples on a date, and a few tables with kids. I love dining out now where tables are properly spaced apart so you kind of still have your own privacy but it’s not too far to ruin the vibe.

Food – It’s like someone said – let’s get every form of seafood you know and try and come up with as many different dishes we can and put it in different stations. Make it good. And yes – it was. Food was presented buffet-style where you walk up to the station and they will serve it to your plate. There’s the cold seafood section where you get fresh oysters, mussels, king crab and prawns. Then there’s that queue you have to join in to get the best stuff – sushi and sashimi. Happy to report that their sushi selection was good – the rice perfect, the raw salmon and tuna fresh. Move on and you get to the grilled section where you tell them you would like some lobsters, sardines and prawns – and it gets sent to your table. There’s an attempt on asian seafood – seafood laksa and what’s meant to be kway teow but they’ve used thin flat noodles instead. Bit bland and tough in texture for me. Tip: Do it the Malaysian style and you’ll get the south-east asian crew coming by. What else? Yes, you get seafood chowder of course. And after all that you still want some carbs, there’s seafood pizza and margherita pizza for that stubborn child who wants nothing but.

Drinks – This was the highlight for me. Feast does amazing cocktails – with lots of points given to presentation as well. For the house beverages & mixology package you get to choose 6 cocktails. I can tell you from experience that if you’ve had all 6, you’re going to very very happy that evening, but also very very unhappy with a headache the next morning. So pace yourself and drink lots of water, or mix it up with the juices they have. What cocktails do they have? Cosmo, Tequila Sunrise, Mojito, Long Island, Margarita and Whiskey Sours. Yum yum and yum. Favourite of them all? The Whiskey Sour.

Desserts – I apologize, I was absolutely stuffed so did not focus too much on the sweet stuff. The kids were happy there was ice cream and fruit. I’m happy to return again to try the cakes.

Price-point? For 350 AED including house beverages, and also in the Entertainer – it’s a great price. It’s not just red and white, it’s the cocktails that makes it a little bit different to the usual evening brunches. You could always do the non-alc for 225 AED, or go fancy for sparkling which is 450 AED.

Would I return? It’s actually somewhere I would be happy to return with our friends. So yes, one I recommend – if you like your seafood!

There’s not much more feedback I can give for this time round, other than to update the website as it is no longer closed for dinner! Next time we come back with friends, I’ll see how the team works with large groups on a busy night ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Seafood Evening Brunch
  • Feast – 6th Floor of Sheraton Grand Dubai
  • Website
  • Deal : 241 on the Entertainer. 225aed for Non-alc, 350aed for House, 450aed for Sparkling

Disclaimer : We were guests of Sheraton Grand Dubai to review the evening brunch at Feast.

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