Outdoor Breakfast @ Monty’s, Address Montgomerie

So many years here and this was literally the first time we’ve been to Monty’s. I wanted somewhere different, somewhere outdoors, somewhere green. Also, it had to be not too far from home, easy to park, and not too expensive. Picky much? 🙂 C’mon, with so many restaurants in Dubai, you have to kind of up your standards. How was the experience? Well – other than the beautiful views of the golf course – there’s lots to work on. Here’s some feedback :

  1. No response to emails – Either remove the email address from your website or get someone to check and reply to them. I’ve sent two emails – one on Friday, then on Saturday – it’s Sunday and I’ve already been to breakfast and back. Good thing is the phone works, otherwise I would have moved on to another restaurant.
  2. Social media DMs (insta) don’t work either – no one actually checks them. Suggest to get someone to do it or create an automated response.
  3. Wrong order – Had asked for the Eggs Florentine, and was served something entirely different. I did not even realise it was the wrong order – restaurants like to ‘do things different’ these days so I was thinking to myself – gosh is this what eggs florentine have evolved into. How stupid, I know 😀 So I asked the waiter why are the eggs hard boiled, isn’t it normally served poached for Eggs Florentine and he said no it’s served like this – but was kind enough to bring two poached eggs for me (thanks). When I got home and looked at the menu again did I realise I was served ‘Buttered Broccolini’ with a specific mention of ‘Boiled eggs’…
  4. Minimal amount of ingredients – Breakfast Bagel was served with very little smoked salmon and cream cheese. However, they were kind enough to bring more for us to top up ourselves.
  5. The flies. You literally cannot leave the food there for a second – you have to keep waving your hand to shoo these little things away. Staff when questioned advised that during the winter months the crows come, and with them, come the flies. The hotel has been here for years now and surely they’ve come up with something to try and make situations a little better. They could even ask – would you like to move inside? Can’t you burn candles or something to shoo the flies away? I don’t know….anything?

Price-point is average. A latte is 19 aed and is served in a decent coffee mug. Breakfast bagel 55aed, Eggs Florentine 60aed. Yay to 20% off with Privilee, otherwise you could also use the Entertainer for the food.

I’m all for supporting the industry during these covid times – but sometimes you need a bit of constructive feedback, otherwise people won’t return. They must be doing something right though – they’ve been around for awhile. Was I just too picky, maybe? I’ll give this place a break and keep hunting for more ‘nice, green outdoor spots.’ It would have been a perfect place to return with the toddlers – large green space for them to run around, next to the pool, fresh air, bla bla. It checked most boxes. Too bad I’m just not so keen on having flies with my eggs.

  • Monty’s
  • Address Montgomerie
  • Deal : 20% off with Privilee

Note : Non-sponsored post. We paid for our breakfast at Monty’s.

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