Just Chilling @ White Beach Dubai

Here’s one place to go to if you want to hide away from the little ones for a couple of hours – White Beach, aka Nasimi Beach re-vamped.

Couple of things to note if you’re spending the day there :

  1. They’ll check your bags upon entry. No water allowed – you either drink it up or pour it away. So yes if you were there this morning, that was me walking up and down the driveway drinking a huge bottle of water.
  2. Privilee guests have sunbeds to the right of the check-in point. Was slightly annoyed we couldn’t get the seats right next to the pool but hey – it’s not so bad, really. You have the beach in front of you and the pool to your left.
  3. Beers are around 50 AED, Cocktails start from 65 AED. Hooray to 25% off
  4. Pool is completely lit for the entire morning/early afternoon when we were there so this one is for the sun-worshippers.
  5. Leave your goggles and swimming caps at home. Please. Sunglasses, sunhats welcome. If possible, hit the gym for an hour (or 6 months) before you go.
  6. It’s absolutely okay if you cannot swim. Pool is shallow and most people come here to chill and chat.
  7. Very clean bathrooms with showers closeby. Facemasks are also provided!
  8. Take photos. A lot.

Felt pretty cool, for about 2 hours today ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a beautiful spot. Didn’t get time to have any food this time round – curious whether it’s good? Let me know! Happy that it’s adults-only – great for a date, or a get-together with the girlfriends.

PS – They have a couple of cool deals i.e Ladies Day on Tuesdays, and ‘Daydreamers/Nightdreamers’ on Thursdays. I might have to work off all this post-baby fat before turning up to any of these. Or just..suck it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

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