An Overview : The Address Dubai Marina

This one’s our local hangout. Been here so many times as we live in the area – pre-kids and post-kids 🙂 Now that we’re on Privilee, and that we have two extra people to entertain, we’ve been coming back to The Address a lot, lot more.

Whilst it’s not one of the more exciting ‘resort-type’ hotels, there is a lot to this marina hotel that makes up for it.

Here’s our two-cents, for those with Privilee and planning to spend the day here :


  1. Infinity pool overlooking the marina on the 4th floor. The view from here is amazing, especially when the sky turns blue, red and orange. Shuts at 8pm, one of the ‘later’ Privilee pools.
  2. Shaded kid’s pool, adjoining the main pool, which makes it easy to hop from one to the other.
  3. No outdoor shower, however the indoor shower is very closeby and you can bring the kids in there.
  4. There are loungers placed alongside each other by the kid’s pool.


  1. We always order from Shades and eat on the loungers (you get 20% off with Privilee; 25% with U by Emaar this summer, no it’s not in the Entertainer).
    • It’s really comfy to do that when you’re with the kids as everyone just sits together, it’s like having a really large bed 🙂 Note: Everytime we’ve been here it’s past 4pm when it’s not busy. Pizzas are 80-90aed (get their Seafood Pizza)!
    • There’s happy hour between 6-8pm, with beer and wines for 30AED.
    • Love a ‘grown-up’ night at Shades if you can do it without the munchkins.
      • Ladies Nights (Mondays, now – click here for my previous review), or
      • Pool night out (we did their Aqua Vitae pool brunch last year) – they’re doing this again now on Friday afternoons, it’s called ‘Aquaholic Brunch’ ;).
  2. On other eateries, we’ve done the Friday brunch at Mazina a long time ago (pre-kids) but am aware it’s one of the famous family-friendly ones (241 in the Entertainer). Note : Their Saturday Pirates and Mermaids brunch will resume in September.
  3. Afternoon Tea at Kambaa is also quite a nice one (one of our first afternoon tea experiences – click here) – also in the Entertainer.

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Kid’s Club

  1. Qix Club is on the 14th floor of the hotel, and we’ve been there so many times that I’m sure Liezl knows us very well now 🙂
  2. It’s a cosy space, with a lot of toys, dolls, cushions, TV. Liezl will prep you colouring, arts & craft and face-painting as well on request 😉 She’s really good.
  3. Free for an hour with Privilee, and 30AED an hour afterwards. Note : Access available to public at the same rate of 30AED an hour – great if you want to organise a playdate with non-Privilee members. We used to come here all the time and pay for entry. Now it’s ‘complimentary’ with Privilee!
30AED Happy Hour wine after a swim is always good 🙂

Why we love it here :

  1. One of the only Privilee spots that is attached to a mall. This means :
    • Daddy can stay and watch the kids at Qix Club, whilst mummy shoots off to the Address Marina Mall to do some shopping 😉
    • You’re not stuck having to eat at the hotel only. You can always choose one of the many restaurants at the mall for food (tons in the Entertainer – Shakespeare & Co, Carluccios)
  2. If you don’t want to drive (comp valet, of course) – it’s also accessible by public transport i.e tram is right in front, and the water taxi stops right at the promenade level.
  3. They’ve got a nice gym, so daddy goes to gym sometimes whilst mummy hangs around the pool with the kids 🙂

You’ll probably see us here a …. lot. It’ll be nice if they increased the complimentary access to Qix Club to two hours instead of one though. Hint hint, Privilee team! 🙂

Note : This is not a sponsored post. I paid 1499AED, based on the Summer Deal with Privilee (great deal!) Hopefully I’ll see you around in the next three months? ðŸ™‚

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