An evening under the stars @ Shades, The Address Dubai Marina

Few weeks ago I was struggling to find a ladies night spot for Wednesday, so I jumped onto this site and out popped Shades. Ah ha, since when did Shades have a ladies night? 🙂

I emailed them ( as the sceptical person in me does ) to reconfirm, and they repied to say it’s on, woohoo! Do they cater for those who don’t drink either? Yes. That’s it, we’re going there.



What you get : 2 complimentary glasses of wine (red, white, rose). Sorry no cocktails or beers for those who wish to have one, but the good news is if you’re not drinking (like me), they’ll let you choose something non-alcoholic off the menu. I had a virgin pina colada, mm 🙂

Only two? : The catch is if you order food, you’ll get two more.


Are there discounts with food? : Na, no specials on food, boo.  It’s such a gorgeous spot though, I wish they would have introduced 50 percent off food or similar (hint hint!). Our dear friend V ordered fries and it came as a big pile and it was delicious (wasn’t it?)! Not exactly cheap cheap, 30 AED.



What about the atmosphere? : I loved it ay. Just look at that view. You’re by the poolside, you’re on comfy couches, the marina buildings glistening in the backdrop. It doesn’t get more Dubai than this. If you wanted to you could kick off your heels and get comfy with the girls on the cabanas as well! Too bad it’s getting hot now so it wouldn’t be as great over the next few months, hmm ….

And service? : They were quick with emails, though the reservations team got my timing and details all wrong, ha ha. Had to correct them. All smiles when we got there, which was nice, however pretty slow with getting refills, when the seats started to fill in. Need to work on that.

Would I recommend it to friends? : As a Wed night option, definitely! When the weather cools down again I’ll definitely bring guests here as well. Hopefully service will pick up by then, and maybe they’ll have deals with food. Ah, I forgot to add, as it’s open-air it’s not too bad with smoke, you just have to gamble a bit on that depending on who’s there!

  • Ladies Nights at Shades
  • Wednesdays
  • 7:00 – 10:00 pm 
  • 2 complimentary house wine (and 2 more if you order food)
  • Poolside, The Address Dubai Marina





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