The sad state of Al Qudra Lakes

About a year ago, we took a drive out into the desert in search of this placed called ‘Al Qudra’, as recommended by a workmate of mine. I did a post (click here), and a lot of friends and workmates have since gone and sent me photos of their trips with their families which I then added to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Just recently, one of them told me that the place is now filthy. It’s been really popular over the last year when they’ve been back, and as with popularity goes, so does the amount of rubbish it collects.

I don’t know if Al Qudra falls into any proper municipality’s care, or if it’s own by any private entities like the marina of the palm. As far as I’m aware, it’s ‘public’. Does anyone know? Have you been there recently? How is it like?

Have a look at the photos taken two weekends ago, sent to me by my workmate. It’s a sad sad state.

Does the people who go there not understand how to take away rubbish with them? Do we always need to have cleaners to clean after us? Seriously?ย 






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If you’ve been there recently,ย please do tweet me a photo of Al Qudra@lil1oftheashes (twitter) or @liloneoftheashes (instagram) !

And if you’ve never been there, here’s a peek of how it used to look like.

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