A drive-through Al Qudra Camping Oasis

Snapshot taken from Googlemaps

How to get there?

I don’t know how to do this insert Googlemaps into blog business so here’s as good as it gets.

Search ‘Al Qudra Camping Oasis’ and it’ll pop out. Easy, right?

The GPS coordinates are 24.837536, 55.376665. For some reason the lakes don’t show up if you’re in ‘Map’ mode so change it to Satellite mode 😉

There is no road name or signs for the exact route after you get off Al Qudra Road, you just have to use your GPS ay. What’s On has a map that shows where it is as well.

How did I know about it?

My dear workmate N mentioned about it a week or so ago as they had gone there for BBQ with friends. Showed me on googlemaps and I got all excited hee hee. There’s a lake in the middle of the desert? Really? And just few days ago, as I was browsing through What’s On to see where to bring our guest to this weekend, this article came up. Game on, we’re going. 

How was it?

Mind you it was frikin’ hot when we went. Too early in the afternoon as well so there was no one there, but it was pretty cool ay 😉 Here you go, our photos for the afternoon. We’ll head back there next time for a BBQ!

Drive through the dirt-road towards the lakes
Wa lah! The lakes!
Lots of birds and ducks around
It’s hard enough ground to keep driving around the area
More birds!
Huge area isn’t it

I could make the sky bluer, make the water bluer so it looks a bit more magical but erm, it really was a grey day today. Sorry. I’m sure it’s prettier on a clearer day 😉

Go check it out, and let me know how it is!!

May 2015 Update

A workmate of mine went to Al Qudra recently after we talked about it over tea. Here’s a few much prettier photos over sunset 🙂 Photos below, taken by him and family in May.

Al Qudra over sunset
Geese and eggs
Don’t steal them!
Just chillin’

If you’re heading there, please do tweet me a photo of Al Qudra @lil1oftheashes (twitter) or @liloneoftheashes (instagram) ! Enjoy 🙂

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