A Family Day Out @ Fairmont The Palm : Kid’s Club & Dinner at Flow

Whilst the evening didn’t start out right, as we had planned to stay in the Kid’s Club with both our girls for half an hour before dinner started …. this was eventually made up by great service (and food) at Flow Kitchen 🙂 And of course, an hour of peace and quiet during dinner as we had ended leaving our 3-year old in the Kid’s Club (no judgy comments please). She was already waving bye-bye to mum and grandma before I could decide if I wanted to leave her or not 🙂

So, a few points to share, on our evening at the Fairmont, using Privilee :

  1. As (just) updated on the website, the Kid’s Club has a strict drop-off policy. Between 18 months to under 3, you can drop them off for 65aed an hour and someone will supervise the little one for you. Above 3, it’s free for 2 hours, woohoo!
  2. Kid’s Club looked pretty big and nice, and to quote another fellow Privilee member S.E – ” heavily supervised, free, climbing wall, video games, colouring, activities.” To add, face painting as well 🙂
  3. It’s at pool level. Take the lifts on the right when you walk into the Fairmont lobby, go down one level and walk towards the gym. Before you get to the gym, turn left and you walk outside. The Kid’s Club is just the next door on the right 🙂

We didn’t use the pool this time round, the plan was just to spend some time at the Kid’s Club and then dinner at Flow Kitchen. I recommend their Tuesday evening buffet :

  1. Starts early – 6pm! Great for kids who sleep/turns into a monster early so you can eat and quickly leave before the 8pm crowd turns up….
  2. 195 AED for two with Entertainer for food only, or 235 AED for two for this new deal which includes one house drink (wine/beer) <– This is the option we went for 🙂 Kids under 6 are free.
  3. Tuesday theme is ‘Street food’ – highly recommend their dim sum, I’m certain they make it themselves – that fluffy steamed chicken bao, prawn dumplings and seafood dumplings (sorry, I’m completely biased as I’m chinese). Don’t worry they have a bit of everything as well – sushi, pasta, chicken wings. Oh and yes, ice-cream in a cone for the kids (because they all need sugar at 7pm on a school night!)
  4. Only downside was the restaurant layout. It’s entirely open like a cafeteria, so if you have naughty/loud kids there’s no where to ‘hide the noise’. No couches to disappear behind, no corners to give them a timeout or tell-off. Everyone can see and hear you as your 15-month old wails and your 3-year old cries. *Sigh* So I highly suggest you pop them in the Kid’s Club (the older ones, that is), until you and hubby have had a decent meal, then pull them out for that last bit when they can just sit and eat.

Keen to come back another time to splash around in their pool! (Click here for a separate review done later on on lunch at Flow Kitchen, and thoughts of the pool and splash pad) 🙂

Ah, shout out to the Flow Kitchen team for the very sweet gesture of the ‘Welcome to Dubai’ cake – after they found out mum was here to see the kids (and us!). Dubai does these special things every now and then don’t they, it’s amazing 🙂

PS – Cover photo was taken back in December when we came to Fairmont for their afternoon tea at the Mashrabiya Lounge (again, another recommended thing to do – it’s also 241 in the Entertainer )

Note : This is not a sponsored post. I paid 1499AED, based on the Summer Deal with Privilee (great deal!) Hopefully I’ll see you around in the next three months? 🙂

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