Breakfast @ The Restaurant, Address Boulevard Dubai

Picture this.

Breakfast in a 5-star hotel which is not even 6-months old. You get to have coffee, or tea, or juice. A buffet spread of cheese and cold cuts, a few hot dishes, selection of pastries and bread made just that morning. A fridge full of home-made yoghurt and fruit, and freshly squeezed juices. And……… a choice of hot cooked breakfast from a menu as well. How much would this cost you? 140 AED.

Or, according to the U by Emaar newsletter that I received recently, show them your card and you pay only 95 AED.

Honestly, it’s a great deal, especially since you’re going to the Address Boulevard 🙂 Breakfast in restaurants such as Hamptons Cafe or Gourmet by Kcal would easily set you close to 100 AED per person with one hot drink. Here you get to have a lot more. I would love to see them offer a 241 at some point. I’ll come running if they do 😉

So, thoughts on the food itself? 

Over the two mornings that we spent here, we tried various things in the menu. The winner goes to the morning tartine – which we ordered thanks to the recommendation from the manager on duty on Friday morning. Slow poached eggs served on smashed avocado and greek feta, served on sourdough country bread – and so beautifully presented.

Morning Tartine

Second in place, was what I ordered on Saturday morning – the fluffiest brioche french toast you’ll ever have. This was served with berry compote and lemon mascarpone, dashed with icing sugar. Even the little girl loved it.

Brioche French Toast

The eggs benedict were good – though presentation was not consistent. So-so on Friday, and beautiful on Saturday. Do note that the menu states ‘Cecina de leon’ which is actually beef – so if you don’t take beef, ask them to change it to salmon 😉 The belgian waffle, mum liked – though I much preferred the french toast. It would have been nice if they made more effort with the presentation as well (again, this was Friday morning) – the quarters were still stuck to one another so I cut it up myself and tried to put it together again for the photo op below. I would suggest simply decorating it with some berries. Berries make everything look good 🙂

Eggs Benedict
Belgian Waffles

The star of our breakfast goes to, Chef Mahmoud, the man behind all that great food 🙂 So charming, and so funny, especially with my mum. Very persuasive as well – I would suggest you try his home-made bread! Thanks for preparing muesli with honey for our little girl as well 😉

A few gentle suggestions on things that could better :

  • Presentation to be consistent  – as mentioned above. It’s all about first impressions!
  • Suggest to use a smaller latte glass. By the time we got to half the glass, it was already cold. Use a smaller glass – that way guests can ask for another if it’s finished and it stays hot. Again, I know this depends on how fast you drink your coffee…. maybe just watch out over the next few mornings how many people actually finish their latte or ask for a new one 😉
  • Ensure that guests names/room number is in the breakfast list if breakfast is included in their stay. We were told initially that we had to pay for breakfast as we weren’t on the list. Media invite or no media invite, this is one very common mistake that hotels make which annoys guests, especially when its first thing in the morning (and you’re hungry 😉 ). We’ve had this happen to us in various hotels. When a guest has to take out their phone, search for an email to show the booking confirmation etc etc, it makes it really awkward and uncomfortable.

Would I go back? I love their ala carte and a bit of buffet concept – it reminds me a lot of The Bench Brunch (previously at the Pavilion, now moved to Rove Downtown Dubai). The food is good, and with the U by Emaar card, it is extremely reasonably priced. Introduce a 241, and I’ll come running 🙂 Take the family there for a change. They have a really comfy baby chair for the little ones! Shout out to Chef Mahmoud, as well as the many staff who took care of us – and kept Little S entertained throughout the morning 😉

Disclaimer : We were guests of Address Boulevard to review breakfast at The Restaurant during our stay there. Thoughts are our own, though it is entirely up to you to judge.

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