The Bench – Brunch @ The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

Update : Please note that The Pavilion has been closed since 2016, as it was in the same location as where Dubai Opera is now. The Bench Brunch is however still on, at The Daily – Rove Hotels – multiple locations.


Our dear friend J said he honestly didn’t pick this shirt specially for our brunch get together last Saturday.

Makes a good promo pic for the place and for my write-up though! ๐Ÿ˜€


So there was a guest in town, and I was trying to find somewhere good for breakfast that suited her dietary requirements, being vegetarian. I then remembered The Pavilion in Downtown Dubai which we had been to twice now, and have heard about their healthy brunch option called “The Bench”.

The 7 of us rocked up on a warm Saturday morning, for…. something different. It definitely was, and glad we had chosen this spot for a healthy brunch ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s why you would like this place, and what you would get, for 99AED, 10:30-2:30pm on a Saturday morning.

a) As with a brunch, you get a selection of cheeses, pastries, tarts, cakes, muffins. Loved their apple tart.




b) Healthy home-made fresh juices in cute glass bottles. Drink it with a straw. I loved this ay.DSC04711

c) There were jars of quinoa salad, chinese takeaway paper boxes of noodles, fresh fruit bowls, chicken wraps, mmm. I was eyeing the quinoa salad, but after all the food I didn’t have any space to try it. Next time!


d) And aha, the main course. Other than unlimited servings of what was spread out on the bench, you get to choose one choice from the breakfast menu, and a selection of tea/coffee. I had opted for the eggs benedict with beef bacon which was absolutely delicious.

DSC04715 Eggs Benedict with Salmon

DSC04716 My, eggs benedict with bacon

DSC04717 Scrambled eggs on toast, potatoes, sausages, tomatoes. 

DSC04718 Blueberry pancakes for the lovely guest 

e) Chilled-out atmosphere

Everytime we go there it’s always had a very chilled-out vibe about it. It’s a cafe,you don’t need to get crazily dressed up, one of my friends said it’s one of those places you can go by yourself with a laptop or book and not feel weird because there’s loads of people who go there to do that. Plus, the fact that there’s free wi-fi ๐Ÿ™‚ Doesn’t everyone love, free wi-fi ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s almost priority number one these days isn’t it. It’s almost as if people choose a cafe for this instead of their food and drinks. The difference with Pavilion is, it does good food and drinks…..too.

DSC04720Some bad photo taking by myself, sorry couldn’t be bothered straightening the photo out for the blog. You can just tilt your head a little bit.


So there you go. The Bench ๐Ÿ™‚

Good for families, for catch up with friends. Definitely somewhere you should bring a guest to, which won’t cause you a bomb even at a cost price of 99AED. You can then bring them to the Emaar Showroom attached to wow them even more (photos in my previous write-up).

With service, well having been there about 4 times now, it really varies ay. It was fab on Saturday, not-so-great when we took mum there over Ramadan, and was good for the other times. I know they’re working on it, they’re so busy now!

Discounts? Mmmm, they’re not in the Entertainer, but I think their prices are fairly reasonable. What do you think?

  • The Pavilion Downtown Dubai
  • +97144477025
  • The Bench, 99AED 10:30-2:30pm every Saturday  ( Updated May 2016 : 115 AED , 10-3pm every weekend (Friday and Saturday )
  • They don’t take reservations for this, so just turn up early ๐Ÿ™‚


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