Ballarò Brunch @ Conrad Dubai


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So, another brunch deal on the Entertainer Monthly Offers was….. Ballaro, situated on the 6th floor of the Conrad Dubai, one of those hotels we’ve never been to. What better reason to check it out over brunch with a few friends 🙂 With the promo, it was 365AED for two, for the standard drinks package. 265AED for two, for the non-alky package. Not too bad ay.

Here are our thoughts on what Ballaro had to offer :

Place, ambience

Ballaro was packed when we went. Spacious, with full-height glazing allowing the summer sun to lit up the whole restaurant. They had live music, a girl and a boy, jazz 🙂 I like it. Classy.


Food, choices

Pretty wide variety. Different salmon sashimi options, even octopus for the more adventurous ones. Freshly cooked lobster, prawns. Simple pork section of salami. For mains you could choose from a fresh selection of meat – beef, lamb, chicken, tiger prawns, and they’ll cook it for you and serve to table. The ready to eat options were different pastas, crab (yum), even roasted duck. Only thing missing from it all we felt was….soup. It’s theme is ‘market fresh flavour’.. which I think it does well, though it’ll be perfect with just one choice of soup 🙂 Hint hint. Seafood clam chowder, maybe?



We went for the simple drinks package, so I stuck on red for the afternoon. It was alright. For beers you have one choice – Birra Moretti. Every now and then the staff would serve you, tubes of their own creations 😉



A bit of a shortfall on this one in a few areas ay. Our empty plates were never cleared, every single time we came back to our tables. We had to do one of those awkward ‘holding a new plate full of food’ with one hand and ‘waving a staff down’ with the other because there was no space to put it down. Bad thing is they didn’t seem to realise this after the first time, nor the second time, or the third time. 3 hours into brunch, I got quite frustrated, I picked up my own empty plate and brought it to the counter myself.

Similar with drinks, a lot of hand waving. I was contemplating doing star jumps after awhile.


Still a happy brunch anyways 🙂 8 friends, good food, good drinks, buzzing atmosphere. Just need to pick up a little with service.

  • Ballaro Brunch
  • 6th Floor, Conrad Dubai
  • AED 465 per person (inclusive of bubbly, cocktails, grape beverages, juices and soft drinks)
    AED 365 per person (inclusive of house beverages, juices and soft drinks)
    AED 265 per person (inclusive of non-alcoholic beverages)
  • All prices above are for two, with the Entertainer Monthly Offers
  • +971 4 444 7111


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