Introducing The Secret Room @ The Restaurant, Address Boulevard Dubai

I was going to put “The Address Boulevard” as well, but the title just sounded a little bit odd. Don’t you love what they’ve named the new restaurant in the newly opened Address Boulevard? The Restaurant. I can go on and on about the name, but let’s move on to one of the many highlights of our staycation at the property this weekend – our date night at ‘The Secret Room’ 🙂

So, during breakfast that morning (which deserves a post of its own) – the very charismatic manager on duty came over to check on us. A short chat turned into a long interesting one, which lead onto a tour of the restaurant itself – where he showed us the different areas  – ‘the kitchen’, ‘study room’, ‘living room’, ‘dressing room’, ‘collection room’ and finally – the ‘secret room’. Sorry but, I am not going to tell you where it is………- that, I will keep as it is – a secret 😉

‘You have to dine here,’ he said.


So, our dinner date was booked 🙂

We got all dressed up, this once-in-a-few-many-months-thing that we do as parents to a 13-month old, and got to The Restaurant that evening. Imagine the surprise on G’s face when the manager on duty that evening lead us through to the many different areas, through a secret doorway, to our private dining room 🙂

I know it wouldn’t be long before everyone comes here, and the Secret Room is secret no more. Regardless, I still love the concept 😉

So, how was dinner? Was the ambience really that good? What about the food? And service? Thoughts, below.

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First, here’s how it works. You get your own personal wait staff. Ours, was the stunning lady who I call ‘I’ :). They leave you to eat in peace, and should you need assistance, you pick up a bell, and ring it. Pretty cool ay.

Music? There’s lounge music, and then there’s a gramophone. If you have your own music, you can bluetooth it to the system and play what you want. Lucky for us, we had our wedding songlist in G’s phone (isn’t he romantic, ha ha) – so we hooked that up. I recommend instrumental and jazz if you want it to be romantic. Of course if you prefer a bit of Linkin Park and Metallica, you can hook that up to the gramophone as well 😉

What did we have? 

I recommend the lobster bisque (70 AED), served with shrimp and crispy corn. It was perfect in texture – not too thick as some places do – and as our personal wait staff said to us when she took the bowl away and noticed that there was not a drop left – “That’s the perfect compliment to the chef.” We literally cleaned the bowl with the bread. Not so classy I know, but hey – it was that good.

The prawn kibbeh (65 AED) was a nice surprise. A combination of ingredients from the Mediterranean and Arabia – also a recommendation I took on from the marketing manager (thanks! 😉 ) – this is one you definitely should try. Served with avocado labneh and shaved fennel, and taken together with the lobster bisque – it was starters, at just the right proportion and taste.

For mains, we both went for beef that evening. G’s wagyu striploin was served medium as requested, served with sweet  potato and glazed turnips. Though perfect at first, especially with a glass of Malbec – it was too large a portion for us to finish. So, at 190 AED – I would say that was reasonably priced. I would recommend you order a smaller entree, if you want to enjoy all of the wagyu striploin for mains.

I chose the slow-cooked beef cheeks (140 AED) – again, a generous portion, served with celeriac and vegetables. Same advice as above – please order smaller entrees if you’re going for this. Though juicy and so delicious, we ended up asking for it to be taken away as we were both completely stuffed (yes, you can do that – please don’t waste food!)


We ended the evening with what we felt was the lightest dessert in the menu – the ‘Silky Road’ (50 AED) – saffron rice pudding served with passion fruit sorbet and white chocolate cloud (i.e in non-food-technical term – foam) 😉 And of course, paired with an espresso martini that our wait staff recommended, it was a perfect ending to the evening.

Was it really that romantic? Yes yes yes. Seriously, from the moment you are led in there. To the music through the gramophone. The cosy area (not good if you are claustrophobic though) – so if it’s first date please make sure you check with that girl in case she runs out screaming. The spotlight on your table. Your personal butler.

Is there anything that could be better? 

  • The entrees were served too quick. The bread was placed on the table, and we didn’t have the chance to try any of it before both entrees came. I would suggest to slow it down a bit, or otherwise ask the guests if they are ready for their food to be served.
  • The idea was that we could ring the bell should we need assistance. Towards the end of the meal when we were ready to leave, we thought we would give this bell a try but it didn’t work – so I ended up wandering through the backdoor looking for someone. I would suggest that if the restaurant want this whole idea to work, that someone is actually there or otherwise, have some sort of button or bell that is actually hooked up to where the staff is working.

What would it be perfect for? Proposals, anniversaries, special occasions. First date if you really want to impress the girl (before the whole of Dubai knows about this secret room). I can imagine it being personally set up with a whole lot of flowers or deco as you wish. And of course, perfect for local women who would want a private dining room to gather with their girl friends so they can dine in ease, without their local dress (you can request for female wait staff as well 😉 )

What’s the damage? The food for the both of us comes to about 600 AED (to be noted we did order one of the more expensive mains in the menu), and of course depending on what drinks you order, could easily go up to 700-800 AED. Reasonably priced for food – yes. To be noted however, if you want to book out the Secret Room, there is a minimum spend of, hold your breath – 2000 AED. So yes, I would suggest you save it for a special occasion. It will be difficult to hit that mark if you don’t drink (alcohol, that is) – and even with alcohol – it will have to be an order of the good ones – a bottle of Moet Imperial will cost you 1290 AED 😉

If you just want to check out The Restaurant and not the Secret Room, by all means do – there is no minimum spend and you have the choice sit in any of their many dining areas! 

So – is it worth it? I would say for Dubai standards – yes, for that special occasion. Do it before everyone else though. And add in your own personal touch – can imagine bouquets and bouquets in this room to make a bit a touch magical 😉 Go check out The Secret Room.

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  • The Restaurant – Website 
  • Address Boulevard Dubai
  • Deals : If you are a member of U by Emaar, you get discounts depending on which card you have.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Address Boulevard to review their menu at dinner. Thoughts are our own, though it is entirely up to you to judge.



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