A Taste of Asia @ Friday Brunch, Kris with a View

So many hotels in Dubai and yet, we haven’t been to Park Regis Kris Kin after being here for almost 5 years now.ย Go ahead and say it, ” You spoilt marina lot!”. Yes yes, that’s us ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, I’ve seen a few photos on social media and posts from other bloggers who have dined at Kris with a View.ย “360 views of Dubai”, the website here says. “Nine-course set menu with the likes ofย sushi (tick), thai curry (tick), char kway teow (tick) and more (tick tick)” Let’s give it a try. Off we drove to Bur Dubai last Friday, with our guests to check it out.

At 12:30pm (we were on time), the place was unusually quiet. We were a little anxious. Why so empty? Is it not good? Is it simply because it’s a newly launched brunch? Fast forward 2 and a half hours later – how did it go? Did we like it? Would I recommend it? What would I suggest for it to be better? Read on.

What do you get, and what did we think of it?


As it states – 9-courses of Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai and Indian specialties. With everyone at the table (4 adults) who has had at least half of the dishes before in its actual country of origins, we honestly thought that the chef and the team did a fairly good on job. Ah, I forgot to add, there was also one baby at the table but she didn’t have much input for the afternoon, except for the liquid-nitrogen delivered ice cream (be patient, will get to that later).

For the vegetarians, there were quite a lot of choices to keep you happy – the salad sampler (loved the Malay Rojak) which was the first to the table, also one of my favourites. The husband was glad they didn’t go cheap with the sushi selection – with salmon and tuna nigiri on offer. We preferred the tom yum soup over the sweet and sour – both spicy (even at Asian levels!). By the time we finished the hot appetisers, we were almost full. The chicken satay was tender and moist, served surprisingly with ketupat (traditional rice dumplings). Pair this with satay sauce, it was perfect. If I could take away the satay sauce, I would have! For the choice of fried noodles, the char keoy teow was missing what we felt was a very important ingredient – bean sprouts (unfortunately this dish has also been removed from the current menu). The chicken noodles was a tad too salty as well.

And the highlight of the afternoon?ย Sorbet of the day, presented to the table by the chef with liquid nitrogen. Because how else should dessert be presented, here in Dubai! The little girl loved it and I gotta admit, so did the rest of us!

Honestly when the mains came we really couldn’t stomach them all. Of those served, the highlights were the thai duck curry and rib-eye (unfortunately this has been replaced with beef teriyaki). I would suggest you take them home if you can’t finish it (don’t waste food!).

Alas, desserts. Kris Kin were daring to use pandan for their meringues (loved it). If you were to try just one out of the platter, I would recommend the chilli chocolate cake. Sweet at first bite, the spiciness only lingers in your throat after it goes down.



For AED 199, you get asian-inspired mocktails. I’m glad to see they made an effort with this, with our favourites being the pandan and coconut slush (where do you get your pandan from?), and lychee and lemongrass crush. Fresh juices were also on offer, and the usual soft drinks.

For AED 299, Kris Kin were generous with the alcoholic options – cocktails, wines, spirits. We were surprised to see Asahi on offer. The only other time I’ve seen Asahi was possibly at Bubbalicious in the Westin?

Missing – coffee and tea. Would be nice if this was included as well.

What could be better?

I would suggest to get the crowds in before splurging on the dj. It was sort of odd to have a dj when there were only 4-5 tables occupied. Ambient music would do just fine. With such good asian food on offer for such a reasonable price, I am sure the people would come once word of mouth goes around (and yes, I’m trying my best!) ๐Ÿ™‚

As with a lot of brunches, it would be good to also offer something different. Maybe a little area for kids to play (because I don’t think we have enough of those in Dubai, or I haven’t looked hard enough?). Or, access to the rooftop pool after brunch, so people can make a day out of it? Just something ‘else’ ๐Ÿ™‚

So those are my thoughts. I would return with friends, because we honestly thought the food was close to authentic. It just needs a lot more people to create a bit of an atmosphere (too quiet right now..). Guess what, it’s also 241 with Voucherskout as well as the Entertainer ๐Ÿ™‚ Go give it shot, if you like your asian food. Let me know how it is.

  • Taste of Asia Brunch
  • 12:30-4:00pm every Friday
  • Kris with a View
  • Park Regis Kris Kin
  • AED 149 (food-only),ย AED 199 (with soft-drinks),ย AED 299 (with alcoholic drinks)
  • Deals : 241 with Voucherskout or Entertainer

Disclaimer : We were guests of Kris Kin with a view for the afternoon (paid for our guests). Thoughts are our own, though it is entirely up to you to judge.

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