#54 Blogging, as a momma

I know, I know, I did say that I try to keep my blog as impersonal as possible but, here’s one from the heart.

I love to write.

If you’re a blogger as well, a freelance writer, journalist, I’m sure you feel the same.

When I was expecting, I did think, how shall I carry on with this blog.

More so because of what I write a lot about – ladies nights , brunches, night-life (click here). I did not want to turn it into a ‘momma-blog’ because it was just too personal for me. Yes I know I do add in my little touches with a mention or two (or three) of our little girl in my posts. But sorry no week by week photo updates of my pregnancy or daily updates of my little girl. Except her feet. Because everyone loves feet.

I guess what I’m trying to get here is, it is still possible to write on food and the likes, as a mom.

When she goes to sleep and I’m done doing everything I need to : toilet/ bath/ taking in/out the laundry/ washing the dishes/ tidying up the house/ cook ) – and have a spare moment, I sit down by the computer and write.

Yes, it was near impossible nearing the end of the due date.

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I almost thought that my water broke when mum and I were having an afternoon tea at Sidra Lounge in St Regis (click here for my review). Then after Little S came around, Dolly from Zoomin came and took photos for us which we absolutely loved and I highly recommend, and so I sat down again to write, as a big token of appreciation (click here). I love writing for Citispi as well – they share the same values as me in terms of ‘Socialising Smarter’.

It is difficult to attend media events though.

I ask before I go, if I can take the little one, and if I can – why not. We brought her to many iftars when she was very small – I must have nursed her at every single one, ha ha (picturing everybody’s cringe face). We brought her to Ramusake (click here), as well as to Katana in Downtown Dubai as well (click here).  She’s still at the sleepy baby phase so I know in a few months I won’t be able to attend anymore events unless we get a sitter or nanny. Sobs.

And we go to ‘family-friendly’ spots now. 

Like The Bench at Rove (click here).  Which we’ve been three weekends in a row.

Date nights are precious. 

We managed to do two when mum was around – very lucky enough to check out Hakkasan (click here) as well as Luna Sky Bar (click here).  It’s gonna be long while till our next date I think 🙂

So to all bloggers out there – what I’m trying to get at is – once you go from “wife” to “momma”, and if you love to eat, and you love to write – keep writing when you can.

It keeps you sane amidst the daily routines, and if you want to write about mommy-life, by all means do. I love reading momma blogs. I’m just a bit shy to share so much of my life this way.

I am quite curious to know about other food-bloggers / freelance writers who switched over to the ‘other side’ though. How was it for you?


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